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The myth of Free Wi-Fi and Social Network – Part 3

One of the founding fathers of U.S.A, Benjamin Franklin, a legendary scientist, philosopher, writer – a polymath, wrote to one young man, “Time is money and to have more of it one needs industry and frugality.” If we spend precious hours on updating status and uploading selfies how will we ever upgrade our consciousness? Good things in life don’t happen automatically. One needs to invest his time consciously on activities that add value and meaning to our lives. Slowly then, over a period we blossom to fruit and flower-yielding tree; we add meaning and value to others’ lives as well.

Why we waste time?

I knew Lokesh, a highly talented man but addicted to smoking and drinking. He chose to work as an office boy in a small government office. Although no job is menial and we need to ensure the dignity of labor, Lokesh was a misfit there. While in college I had occasionally seen his leadership and business talent during fun-fairs and college festivals. I knew he had a bright future. After college we parted ways and years later when we met, I was disappointed to discover he hadn’t tapped his talents. He now worked as a peon while his leadership talent seemed of past alien life. Later I learned he was an incorrigible gambler as well. His friends had tried their best to reason with him, but he was unwilling to change and declared he was helpless. He resigned to his fate as his bad habits dragged him down. Eventually, Liver cirrhosis took his life away when he was forty years old.

Martin Luther King (Jr) said if we have nothing for which we could die, then we have nothing worth to live for. If we choose a profession or relationship where we fail to see a vision more substantial than the mere trifles, we will land up wasting our time on addictions. And these days infatuations entice us dressed as the internet in general or some social networking site in particular.

To be continued…

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