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The myth of Free Wi-Fi and Social Network – Part 4

If Lokesh had the passion for a living or if some values defined him greatly, then bad habits wouldn’t have had sway over him, and even if they did, he’d have wished to change. But here was a man who lost the will to live and share his gifts with the world. His mind became his worst enemy and had effortlessly devoured him like the classic Dark Arts spells of Lord Voldemort.

Compare Lokesh with your archetypical neighbor, the seventeen-year-old Chunky or Chakori, fascinated by and hooked to FB and WhatsApp. How is she different? If the teenager discovered her talent in music, dance, writing, tennis, or crafts, and under the loving guidance of elders has a passion to pursue, do you think she’d have time to spend hours messaging her friends on what she ate for lunch or which color dress she’s wearing now. And what would help her find fulfillment and contribute better to society – pursuing her own endowment or forever comparing with others and as a result feel miserable about oneself? But little Chunky or Chakori could while away their time on FB chats now, in what appears a harmless fetish, to become a helpless victim eventually. Not all Chunky’s would suffer a profligate youth, but they could very well sacrifice their lives at the altar of the internet, and wane away as a thorn yielding, poisonous tree.

Any time that you spend on anything means you are giving away a part of your life that you’ll never get back. So an hour spent on the internet is your best gift to it. Therefore it’s time we ask ourselves, “What am I getting in return for giving FB, the best gift- my time?”

Arise and save yourself

Greek mythology speaks the story of Achilles who was invincible in battle-well almost, until one day a small arrow hit his heel and killed him. On his birth, his mother dipped him in a river that granted immortality to his body. However, the heel, which she held with her thumb and fingers as she immersed the baby inside, was spared of the magical water. Later in his youth Achilles faced deadly weapons hurled by his enemies but easily warded them off. He grew up as a mighty warrior and unscathed by arrows and swords, won many battles- he was declared invincible and a God. But one day, Alexander, shot a small, poisonous arrow below his ankle and that brought an anti-climactic end to the heroic saga of Achilles.

To be continued…

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