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The myth of Free Wi-Fi and Social Network – Part 5

Human society has made incredible strides in science and technology yet in spite of what appears an unstoppable success march, a small poisonous arrow of a time-wasting obsession could be our weakness, our downfall.

However talented or smart you think you are you’d have at least one weakness. And the negative forces inside your subtle mental world are aware of your frailties as well as your strengths. And these deficiencies snowball with our cocky dismissal of wise sayings or when we carelessly refuse to tap our gifts. Often if you are busy with activities that are incongruent with your talent, you’d likely get frustrated deep within – sometimes you’re even unaware of your lacunae. Since there is no proper engagement for your mind, the internet- like drugs or liquor – would quickly drag you down. I once read a news item of a sixteen-year-old boy who was hooked to pornography- freely available on the internet – and one day in a fit of madness, sexually assaulted his sister. Instead of using the internet, the wily web had him in its vicious grip. The young boy wasted both his precious time and his God-given conscience.

Let’s spread goodness around- we need fragrant, succulent fruit-yielding trees in our society. It’s our collective responsibility to educate our generation to stay away from these gadgets. If you are unable to use these gadgets with prudence and instead it’s these sites or free apps that are using you, better abandon them now and save your life. Every second of your precious time is yours – don’t let others steal it. Yes, its bad news that time flies but the good news is you are the pilot, and you need to watch out for the ‘Free’ bird hits to the plane of your life. Remember sooner or later the ‘free’ stuff could prove to be your Achilles heel.

Albert Einstein, the name synonymous with genius, said, “Sometimes one pays most for the things one gets for nothing.”

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