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No need to control the mind? – Part 1

“What goes on inside isn’t ever the same as what goes on outside”

  • Margaret Lawrence (Canadian writer 1926-1987)

“Does your mind wander?” asked thirty-year old Jaimit after my weekly class, “Are you also troubled by the nagging tantrums of the mind?”  

“Yes, quite often” I replied matter-of-factly, even as dozen other young men and women had gathered around me after the Q-A session.

“Oh” he said and fell silent.

I sensed his confusion; he thought if I was troubled myself, how I could speak on self-awareness, and techniques to negotiate with the mind.

“Our success is not to control the mind,” I continued, in an attempt to ease his cluttered thoughts. “We need to be more aware, that’s all.”

A relieved smile lit up his face. “Yes, that makes sense,” he said. “Manager, manage your mind! I often feel hopeless because the mind is too difficult to control.”

“Difficult?” Sruti, his expressive wife, frowned. “I think it’s next to impossible to control the wild mind.”

“C’mon yaar, it’s not impossible, just see our teacher here” Vedant, chipped in, pointing to me as their guide.

Sruti looked at him and then back at me. She appeared unsure. Slowly, she nodded, wryly, as if to say, “You are a lucky fellow; poor me, I am suffering!”

The others nodded in approval.

I felt nervous, realizing that the group hoped I could lead them in their attempts to gain control over their inner lives. Many who attend my lectures are searching for either happiness or some clues to figure out what to do with their terrible mind. I can often feel their desperation; “Do you have some tools that would keep my damned mind peaceful?” is the silent scream I hear, behind the façade of social niceties.

On this day I saw the group distracted and restless; they probably felt it was a bleak case.

I shuddered at the prospect of being their messiah; I had my own tyrant to deal with. “No, I haven’t controlled my mind” I spoke loud and clear. “Nor do I want to do so.”

They gaped in disbelief. My response had stunned them.

To be continued…..

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