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Dear Readers,
We are proud to announce that the author of this website, His Grace Vraja Bihari Das along with his dear friend His Grace Premnidhi Das has penned down a book that aspires to give a surgeon’s analysis to the most pertinent dilemmas of today’s time.

In today’s day and age, the quest of people, especially the modern youth, involves battles that are much more subtle than just making two ends meet. In this age of Kaliyuga (the age of quarrel and hypocrisy), this search is much more complicated with so many religions and spiritual organizations offering “solutions”. However, this search only comes around in a full circle when we can get answers to some of the very basic questions that do justice to our inquisitiveness on a non-sectarian level!!

This book – Journey of Self-Discovery, aims to address those basic needs of the hunger of the heart, food for the soul and inquisitiveness of the mind. The broad contents of this book include – Search for happiness, Does God exist, Who am I, One God or many, Why do bad things happen to good people and Practical Spirituality. Almost all of the basic questions that seekers have in their quest are encompassed within the spectrum of these points. The meticulous yet simple manner in which these points are further elucidated is the nectar of the experience of many renowed spiritualists over a span of 30 years.

We at this website, appeal to all of you to take this opportunity to share our experience. Kindly click on the below link to order the book online.


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