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Material skills- rejecting or accepting? »

One of the common misconceptions about spiritual life in general and Hare Krishna yoga in particular is people think the Hare Krishna practise

Going deeper through internal changes »

Chanting produces best results when we go deeper into chanting. Standing on the shores of the ocean one can’t access the precious gems

Blaming God for poor chanting? »

Yes, the mind is all powerful. Yet we have a choice to either allow the mind to wander everywhere or at least desire

Love or peace »

The Hare Krishna Maha Mantra offers many benefits, such as freedom from sinful reactions, liberation (also known as mukti in spiritual parlance), and

Mumbai Terrorism: Combat or Transcend?

Mumbai Terrorism: Combat or Transcend? »

As I gasped in disbelief, a friend assured me it was true terrorists had our city, Mumbai, under siege. A frenzied neighbor rushed

Where Medicine Blends with Devotion

Where Medicine Blends with Devotion »

In the heart of Mumbai, a hospital with a difference.

Ambulances sounding their sirens screech to a halt. Bodies, mutilated beyond recognition, keep

When a mouse becomes a tiger »

The world encourages us to lead a lifestyle centred on being a big accomplisher. All our family and friends constantly goad us to

Intent reveals the content »

Many people may be chanting Hare Krishna, yet not all access the deep benefits of chanting. It’s an open secret. A story may

Three questions to ask during chanting »

A culture of scriptural study helps us provide our intelligence with the ammunition to fight the disloyal mind. During chanting, as the mind

More opportunities to serve »

The Hare Krishna Maha Mantra has a simple meaning; “My dear Lord Krishna, please engager me in Your service” As we chant the

When Vedas are Misinterpreted

When Vedas are Misinterpreted »

Religious zealots force twisted interpretations to suit their selfish propaganda

A religious zealot, famed for his so-called knowledge of the

Becoming an expert gardener »

Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, who inaugurated the Chanting movement five hundred years ago, compared a Hare Krishna yogi to a gardener.

Love for Krishna

Hare Krishna- Simplistic or practical »

Since the Hare Krishna chanting requires us to move the chanting beads and our lips, we may mistake the process to be simplistic.

Mind strikes during peak hours »

Many chanters have expressed that the mind comes up with the best ideas and plans during our chanting session. Also on many occasions,

From Ritual to Spiritual

From Ritual to Spiritual »

Why and how to go beyond the externals of religion

Twenty-five-year-old Nitin Sawant, a software engineer, explains why he’s disillusioned with religious

Remembering God at the time of death »

In the Bhagavad Gita Lord Krishna says one who remembers Him at the time of death attains His abode without fail. Many sincere

Servitude- the most natural position »

Have you ever offered your seat on a train to an old man or a pregnant woman? Have you ever helped a blind

Enthusiasm melts God’s heart »

Enthusiasm is the key to find spiritual joy while chanting. A mechanical approach to Bhakti Yoga involves simply the external fingering of beads,

Search of Happiness-Part 6

Search of Happiness-Part 6 »

The ultimate goal of every human being should be return to our eternal home, which is the spiritual world, the

Making the right choice »

One of the common challenges to confront while chanting is to try and bring the wandering mind back to the Holy Names of

Search of Happiness- Part 5

Search of Happiness- Part 5 »

One must reject superficial painkiller-like solutions and seek out a permanent solution to all problems.

Continued from the previous issue .

Search of Happiness- Part 4

Search of Happiness- Part 4 »

Understand the difference between real and temporary problems. By working on real problems, we can attain permanent happiness.FROM RELATIVE TO REAL HAPPINESS


Humility- the weapon to control mind »

The mind has many tricks up its sleeve. The mind’s restless tantrums become obvious when we sit down to chant peacefully in a

The magic talisman of tolerance »

Radhanath Swami gives a brilliant example to explain the need of cultivating certain desirable qualities that can help us access the deep, lasting

Overcoming quarrel and hypocrisy »

One of the directly perceivable benefits of chanting the Holy Names of Krishna is it helps us individually and collectively overcome the two

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