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Peace Amidst Chaos – Prerana Youth Festival

Following is an excerpt from the lecture on Peace Amidst Chaos – Prerana Youth Festival – Vraja Bihari Das.

Everyone in this world is talking about peace and we want this world to be a peaceful place. Krishna consciousness movement offers a shift in paradigm. The world focuses on the outside-in approach and we focus on the inside-out approach. Now outside-in approach means what happens outside will determine our inside peace and most of us are the victims of this approach. We think that I’ll be happy and peaceful if everything outside becomes peaceful. But devotees of Krishna will have the inside-out approach which means they will work on their inner strength and they should be anchored strongly so that they won’t be shaken.

There are three principles which one should follow to feel amazingly peaceful from within. So the very first principle is to adjust your expectations and longing desires, now this is our biggest problem which is we have the wrong expectation from this world. Second principle is accept yourself the way you are, now you may make all the adjustments, you may reduce the expectations from the world and you may also work on your inner self and still you may get frustrated so at that time you should accept yourself the way you are, just relax and take it easy, enjoy life in a Krishna conscious way. And the third principle is aspiring for something higher is the most important principle of all three. Elevate your consciousness, become a lover of God then peace becomes an insignificant by product. So these are the three principles we want you to meditate upon.

The reason why we don’t accept ourselves as the way we’re is because we have the craze of being perfect, we want to be the best and this is the cause of misery as we can’t accept ourselves if we’re not perfect. One the biggest reason why relationships suffer because our partner wants us to be perfect and we want our partner or relatives to be perfect. Learn to accept because when you accept yourself and others for what they are, then you build bridges and actually connect to them but when you’re being a perfectionist and don’t accept people as they are, then we build a wall and we become miserable. So let us not try to be the greatest, accept ourselves and sincerely improve what we can.

Let us go for love and not peace because for example’ when a married couple says that their relationship is peaceful then that means there are no fights and when they say that they are in love that means there are lot of dynamic emotions being churned. So let us aspire to love God then peace is insignificant.

Krishna say, “a person in full consciousness of me, knowing me to be the ultimate beneficiary of all sacrifices and austerities, the Supreme Lord of all planets and the benefactor and well-wisher of all living entities, attains peace from the pangs of material miseries”

So Krishna assures that if we aim for something high connecting to Krishna then peace is attainable. So aim for love and you will get peace and of course you will also get love because Krishna’s love in heart is a tangible experience, every devotee practicing Krishna consciousness will feel Krishna is heart and this cannot be quantified, this is an experience.

Persons who are actually intelligent and philosophically inclined should endeavor only for that purposeful end which is not obtainable wandering even from the topmost planet (Brahmalok) down to the lowest planet (Patala). So far happiness derived from sense enjoyment is concerned, it can be obtained automatically in course of time as we obtain progressively miseries even though we do not desire for them. Similarly Bhagvatam says you will get sense enjoyment but for love for connecting to Krishna. Then the happiness we experience is positive because right now the happiness which we’re experiencing is simply the relief from the suffering.

Living beings, who are entangled in the hurdle of birth and death, even though too complicated, can get freedom at once even by unconsciously chanting Hare Krishna which is feared even by personified fear.

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