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The power of your Wisdom Body – Part 1

“Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power.”

– Lao Tzu (Ancient Chinese philosopher and writer and founder of Taoism)

Each year during the harsh winter millions of monarch butterflies fly two thousand miles from North America to Southern California or Central Mexico. They return months later to the same forests and even the same branch of the same tree from where they began their journey.

Why is this astonishing? It’s not the same butterfly that stayed on the branch last year; she had died on her journey southward, but not before passing on the information to her kid, who then continues the migration down. A few weeks later in the journey, she too finds a mate and gives birth to more of her type. Eventually she dies, and her children continue the voyage. Who directs five generations of these insects to return to the same residence of their ancestor?

Thousands of such startling facts in nature point out to a divine intelligence in control. Some call it God, others refer to it as Awareness or the universal energy- the source of conscience and intuition. The Indian saints called it the paramatma- the ‘super soul’. Whatever you call it, this force directs you too the same way it directs a calf to find its mother amongst thousands of cows.

The more pertinent question is do we trust this cosmic force? Do we trust ourselves? Can we align ourselves to our conscience and intuition, and find our branch?

The endless babble of our minds drains us of this connection. The various distractions of this world pull us away from our unique journey.

But there is one way we could retrieve our wisdom, and the key is ‘listen’ or ‘receive.’

To be continued…

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