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The power of your Wisdom Body – Part 2

The ‘Receive’ paradigm

Often we think and live to ‘achieve’- whether it’s a promotion in our jobs, or academic, or sports success, the drive is to get the coveted position. The inner world works differently though; we ‘Receive’ the grace and spiritual energy that flows in abundance. We simply need to tune in, and move from ‘speed’ and ‘control’ to ‘slow’ and ‘let go’ and ‘surrender’, to catch this force.

To translate this to practical action, we simply listen attentively and are present as we experience nature’s beauty, or hear spiritual talks, or visit a temple.

The danger of control

Unfortunately, the obsession with gadgets and visual images on our electronic screens tend to increase speed and the achieve mode in our lives. To begin with just stop the multi-tasking, and see the difference when you are present in your actions.

I recall an incident two decades ago when I waited upon a friend at a bus stop. We had decided the previous evening that we’d meet at 9.00 am at this spot, and then go on to purchase a few casettes at a music shop, buy some sandwiches, and then visit the library for photocopying some important research papers- it was a rough plan that we decided to finalize the next morning.

Those were the days when we didn’t have mobile phones, and we had to plan our events, and trust our own intuition and wisdom.

The following day, he didn’t come to the bus stop. I waited for fifteen minutes, and I had a good book to read. Then I called his place from a local call booth, and no one picked up the phone either. I waited for another ten minutes, and then decided maybe something’s wrong. Since I didn’t know what it was I decided it’s no point speculating. I imagined he’d catch me at the cassette shop, and I could do a few of the things we had planned the previous day, on my own now. I photocopied the papers, packed a few sandwiches for him, and trusted my plans. I assumed if he did come, he wouldn’t come to the bus stop now; rather he’d arrive directly at the cassette shop, and he’d be hungry.

To be continued….

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  1. Nisha says:

    Hare Krsna,

    Eagerly waiting for next part.

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