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The power of your Wisdom Body – Part 3

As I began surveying the cassettes, he arrived, apologetic about the delay. His mother had met with a minor accident, and he had to rush her to the local doctor and now she was fine. There was no way he could call me either. He trusted his wisdom body, and calculated I’d photocopy the papers, and maybe pack a few sandwiches, and wait for him at the Rhythm house- our local cassette shop. And I was right, he was famished. We ate the sandwiches, and went on our business as usual. We didn’t make a big deal of it.

I wonder if the incident were to happen now, how we would have responded. Both of us would either text or ping on the mobile phone over a dozen times, and avoid connecting to our own inner voice.

Our awareness would be buried inside.

While the mobile phone has amazing benefits, somewhere, many of us have lost our souls to it; we have become over dependent on them.

Tapping our wisdom

The Vedic scriptures explain how the soul- the real ‘I’- is covered by five different sheaths, and one of the prominent covering is the Vijnana maya kosha– the wisdom body. This is our conscience, intuition, our innate awareness. There’s an element of detachment and ‘let go’ attitude within this body. Today the control freaks that we are we’d want to know every second about what’s happening; why someone is delayed, who’s doing what. When the vijnana maya kosha is developed, a person intuitively knows what is in his control, and what is not. When things work in his favour, he accepts gratefully; when things don’t turn out quite the way he thought they would, he accepts the inevitable with grace, and moves on, trusting the universe and God. There’s more to life than our petty, daily issues.

To be continued….

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