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When Practical is Impractical- Part 2

‘I am feeling lonely; I need practical help’

‘Try walking early morning’

You decide to walk. You get benefit in few days. You think I offered practical help, but don’t be surprised if you would feel lonely even during your walks. My practical tip was at best a pain killer that gave you relief for some time.

There’s more to your situation than my two pence worth of help. Even if my practical guidance helped you, what would you do when you have another problem confronting you? Again rush to me for practical help? I become your messiah and you depend on me a perfect recipe for mutual misery. People hold on to their guides as a crutch, and an aura of superstitious good luck charm surrounds the wise man who offers shelter! Srila Prabhupada the founder of world-wide Krishna consciousness society exposed this malaise as ‘a society of cheaters and cheated’

The Head and the Heart

Instead the moments of confusion could very well be a key that unlocks your own divinity; it could be the welcome mat at the door of creativity!

The problems happen when something your redeemer says makes no sense to you or you are not ready or evolved as yet to live in the realm he’s offering. And that’s when you get most confused; you desperately try to convince your head of something that your heart knows is a lie. Yet, you hold on psyching yourself and remain as distressed as when you had no saviour.

A truly enlightened teacher therefore would give the student a tool to discover his or her own solutions. He creates no cultist followers, rather grateful students who move on in life on their own journey of life. Once their heart is in the right place, the teacher knows their heads would figure out the how’s and what’s – the practicals of it!

Let’s therefore move from practical living to purposeful living; let’s embark on a journey that would reveal to us our ‘Why’ of life; when our purpose is clear, the practical- ‘How’- would take care of itself.

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