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Propaganda – the challenge to a life of Purpose – Part 2

1.     Propaganda – Beware!

The inner search to find our true north is in itself fulfilling, and once we have discovered it, to live for it could be the most exciting journey of our lives.

Still there’s always the propaganda that threatens to take us away from who we are and our purpose.

The power of Advertisement

We are cheated day in-day out. Through subliminal suggestions, advertisers, internet and television have trapped us. We imagine we are taking independent decisions, yet we are a mere puppet in the hands of the famous brands.

A friend of mine, working for a famous cigarette company confided to me why the brand has a golden, honey dew phrase repeated ad infinitum; ‘honey dew’ repeated many times sounds ‘I need you’ and through that subtle coding, you are being influenced to buy a particular cigarette. We may not be consciously aware but movies or advertisements do contain subtle messages that attempt to invisibly control our behaviour. These signals by pass our reasoning part of the brain, and give us a direct order that slowly, yet firmly compels us to accept.

The Lord of the Rings trilogy won over dozens of Oscars, and is a legend in its own right. Yet, a subtle message on the ring alluding to Coca Cola was subliminal; behind the mordor language that spoke of the one ring to control humanity there was unconscious persuasion to buy Coca Cola.

Lior Suchard, a famous mentalist from Israel had top actors and over two hundred men and women stunned as he demonstrated how the whole process works. He displayed a few photographs and drawings and kept talking to the audience; eventually when the audience had to secretly draw any random picture, all of them drew a star. This was exactly what he had predicted before, and had wanted his audience to do. And the audience thought they had drawn the picture out of their own free choice, yet the many images that Lior had exposed them to before their chance to draw had led them on; their brains were influenced by Lior through a combination of images and everyone eventually drew the same image.

It’s important we recognize that there are no friends out there in the commercial world that promises happiness when you buy products. You are used for their ends. But what are you really? Don’t you have an identity of your own; what about your values and aspirations? Seek it, live by it and offer it to the world.

To be continued….

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