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Propaganda- the challenge to a life of Purpose – Part 3

We are exposed

We may claim to have a mission in life, but it could very well be somebody else’s dream. And it’s during sudden tests in life that we are exposed; our pain and non-acceptance surfaces during setbacks, rather than success.

If you have been reading self-help books that goad you on to lead an unwavering life of success, then you’d be disappointed when real life shows you it’s different.

Life throws up surprises every day and our determined plans could very well fail.

Taking back control of our lives

The non-stop advertisement that we are exposed to creates too much clutter and noise in our heads, but adds little or no meaning. As a result we hold on to non-essentials and have lost focus from activities that are truly important and give us joy and meaning. From a life of simple living and high thinking we have devolved to simply living and hardly thinking.

One of the greatest lies of modern times is good life is found in accumulating things and happiness is found in shopping malls. The feverish pace in which we live, our hurried and stressed life has left us with no time for introspection. We drown ourselves in a plethora of social media apps, not realizing that we are not using these gadgets and apps; it’s they who are using us!

Each ad we see is a desire producing industry on its own. The amazing evil genius of these ads is it makes you believe that you can’t live without something that you don’t need at all. Women with beautiful black hair are attracted by a female icon that flaunts her blonde hair and creates a need when there is none. As desires grow in our hearts, we are pulled away by the ropes of attachments; each indulgence tightens the rope and lessens our freedom. And then our friends tell us ‘Don’t worry Yaar, be happy’. This is violence; on one hand we increase our desires and attachments which naturally give birth to anxiety, and then we have the cheek to pronounce that we needn’t worry at all. We can’t have both- ever increasing desires and lesser anxiety. They grow in direct proportion. Today we spend money that we don’t have, on things that we don’t need, to impress people whom anyways we don’t like.

If we can see how we are victims of propaganda, we’d be determined to take back control of the reins of our lives.


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