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Ramanuja Acharya – a Saint who taught ‘Pure love’ – Part 13

Ramanuja acharya desired to worship a special deity form of the Lord called Rama Priya. The Lord revealed to Ramanuja in the dream that this deity was in Delhi with the Muslim emperor. Ramanuja acharya arrived at Delhi, and convinced the king to give him the deity. The king said matter of factly that he kept all the deities and idols he acquired in one large hall, and if Ramanuja found what he was looking for, he could keep it. Ramanuja searched, but couldn’t find the deity.

The king then revealed that his daughter Bibi Lachimar, who had gone out of Delhi, was fond of one particular deity, and she has it in her room. Ramanuja found Rama Priya there. He immediately took the deity away, and when Bibi Lachimar came back to Delhi, she discovered her loss, and was distraught. She was determined to get the deity back.

The king sent a party to search for Ramanuja. She too left to search for her Rama Priya. Meanwhile Ramanuja and his team fled with the Lord, through a secret terrain. A young man, Kuver was madly in love with Bibi Lachimar. He considered this as a great moment to prove his love to her. He accompanied her in the quest. Both of them intensified their hankering to be reunited with Rama Priya. Unknown to them, they were actually searching for God! The emotions and feelings they nursed for each other spiritualized during this search.

By the Lord’s arrangement Bibi Lachimar and Kuver arrived at the temple where Ramanuja installed the deity. She was overwhelmed with spiritual emotions and spent days chanting Krishna’s Holy Names and serving the deity. Few months later, feeling intense love for her Lord, she left her body. In the meantime Kuver also had become a mad lover of Krishna. After her death, he went to Jagannath Puri and spent all his days chanting and serving Lord Jagannath. Both Kuver and Bibi Lachimar were born in Muslim families, yet by the spiritual power of Ramanuja acharya, they too became mad lovers of Krishna.

When Lord Krishna personally appeared five hundred fifty years ago as Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, He accepted two sacred teachings from Ramanuja acharya. Ananya bhakti– Pure devotional service that is free of any adulteration, and Service to devotees- these are the two principles that Lord Chaitanya took from Ramanuja’s school.

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