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Ramanuja Acharya – a Saint who taught ‘Pure love’ – Part 7

Ramanuja would humbly enquire from Kanchipurna on various philosophical treatises and the science of devotional service. Kanchipurna would humbly protest, “Oh Ramanuja you are a great scholar yourself. I am an uneducated, poor, simple man. I know nothing of these exalted topics.”

Ramanuja insisted that Kanchipurna carried in his heart the essence of all the answers to the most complex philosophical questions. Ramanuja declared that since Kanchipurna was most dear to the Lord, any answer he gave, Ramanuja would accept.

Kanchipurna would then humbly petition to his worshipable Lord Varadraj at the temple altar and present Ramanuja’s questions. The Lord spoke to Kanchipurna the answers to all his queries. Kanchipurna would then come out of the temple and revert back to Ramanuja on the Lord’s answers to his questions.

These discussions became the basis of Ramanuja’s compilations on the tenets of his Visista Advaita philosophy. The treatise was thus composed under the direct narration by Lord Himself!

One day, desiring to fulfil his vow to Yamunacharya, Ramanuja acharya left for Srirangam to learn under the great Mahapurna. Meanwhile Mahapurna along with his wife left for Kanchipuram to meet Ramanuja acharya. They met on the way, and Ramanuja bought them home. The couple stayed at Ramanuja acharya’s house.

Ramanuja now had the association of two great souls; Kanchipurna and Mahapurna. Together, for the next six months, the three of them discussed scriptures and relished pure, devotional association.

Rakshambal however was unhappy at these developments because Mahapurna also didn’t hail from the high Brahmin class that she belonged to. And her husband’s reverence for him and his wife irked her. One day Rakshambal lost her cool at the village well. As Mahapurna’s wife drew water from the well, few drops of water from her pitcher fell on Rakshambal. She shouted harshly at the elderly lady, “How dare you treat me like this? Just because my husband revers you both doesn’t mean I too will tolerate your tantrums.” Mahapurna’s wife was shaken and hurt; she quietly left the scene and sat at the road side crying. Soon her husband returned and enquired why she sat alone. When he learnt of the incident, he said, “We have overstayed at the house of the large hearted Ramanuja. We should immediately leave their house and not be a burden to them anymore.”

After they left the village, Ramanuja returned and asked his wife the whereabouts of his guru and his wife. She replied as a matter of fact what happened. Ramanuja was shocked; he decided to bring an end to his marital relationship.

To be continued…

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