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Do you seek Greatness or Authenticity? – Part 3

Be honest- know your capacity

In the Ramayana, the monkey soldiers of Sugriva analyzed how they would jump over the ocean to Lanka. Their goal: go to Ravana’s kingdom and get news of mother Sita, the consort of Lord Rama. The soldiers in Sugriva’s army vowed allegiance to Rama, and they were enthusiastic to rescue his wife. However, each one of them was honest about his abilities. One soldier said he could jump only twenty yojanas (nautical miles) out of the hundred plus distance. Another monkey claimed he could leap a fifty. Angada said he could cross the whole length but wasn’t sure if he’ll have the strength to return. Finally, the veteran Jambavan reminded Hanuman about his herculean abilities. The giant superhero of Ramayana then not only jumped across but he did it in style; the story is part of traditional folklore ever since.

Often we are encouraged by self-help gurus to unleash the Hanuman within us. Motivational speakers assure us that we could, like Hanuman, do the mission impossible. Self-Belief is the motto. Never shy away from aiming for the sky; you can win; success is your birthright – these are some inspirational phrases we hear, goading us on to achieve great heights.

But the uncomfortable question that no one seems to answer is: What if you are not Hanuman but an ordinary soldier who could only jump twenty miles? What if you are Angada or even a small squirrel that carried pebbles to build the bridge for Lord Rama? Although your friends may assure you that there’s nothing to worry – you can still give your best today and now, but the fact remains that media sings glories of Hanuman’s of this world. There are no temples for the squirrels or Angada’s or even Jambavan’s who help others discover their potential.

To be continued….

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