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Do you seek Greatness or Authenticity? – Part 6

But what about the love and support that you need?

Yes, we do have a social need – we are humans after all; we need approval and support. But a few close friends and relatives would suffice for that. To think you are a success only if you are heroic like Hanuman is hallucination at best and self-deception at worst.

The Second World War was won by the allies as much due to the military strategies of their leaders as by the sacrifice of their rank and file soldiers. One lady, Lyudmila Pavlichenko was a Soviet sniper; she alone had 390 kills to her credit. She was as great a hero as Winston Churchill or Eisenhower. And so many millions died, and we hardly know them. American journalist and author Sebastian Junger put it rightly, “War is life multiplied by some number that no one has ever heard of.”

This life too is a war – to keep goodness going on a planet that is increasingly attacked by the lower nature of man, is a real challenge. You could be one such soldier – heroic in battle; to live by principles and uphold virtue in the face of temptations, and to champion the cause of truth. Then, whether the world sings your glory or not, you have contributed to humanity’s victory over the dark forces. And your role is as precious as that of the saints and political leaders of this world. In fact, they lead the march to truth only because you stand tall in support.

All glories to you – a brave soldier- and it’s inconsequential whether you are Angada or Ian Millar or a squirrel. You are you, and a rare diamond in God’s creation.

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  1. Ramsundar das says:

    Simply wonderful prabhu ji… Please go on sharing your realizations…”And your role is as precious as that of the saints and political leaders of this world”: This sentence is very much solace giver for those like me who are obsessed with hunger for name and fame and not ready to accept the position of a brave soldier who has equal opportunity to give his contribution as that of the top level leaders. Thank you very much.

    • vraja bihari dasa says:

      thanks prabhu for your kind words of appreciation and encouragement. i am glad you liked it and found it useful..
      vraja bihari dasa

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