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Self-Love – is it safe and healthy? – Part 2

It’s true that both extremes of self-love or self-hatred can be disastrous. A simple way to love your own self and yet not be a victim of false pride is by having the safety net of gratitude and appreciation.

Gratitude – a principle or a practise?

If I remain thankful for the gifts I receive daily, then my self-love is healthy. Gratitude is an anti-dote for arrogance.

Often we confuse principles like gratitude, humility, and respect to be abstract, and miss out on making them a daily practise.

If I consciously write down five to ten things that I am thankful for today, I have practised gratitude. Often thanking our parents, God, friends for the same things daily could become a ritualistic affair. To ensure we tap the power of thankful living daily, we could thank for events and blessings we received during the last twenty four hours. This practise is not only more realistic but it also keeps our gratitude fresh and exciting. You constantly look out for things to be thankful for. It could be a lovely breakfast, a work out at your gym or a good song that you heard today- it could be anything and if you sincerely thank that thing, person, or God for the gift you received today, you have tapped the gift of gratitude. The result-you will be humble and realize the universe is good and loving. To begin with we can just look at the vast ocean or the sky above our heads and be thankful for the incredible gifts nature has provided us with.

How would star gazing or seeing the sun rise or walking on a beach help solve our daily problems? ‘Would it help me pay my taxes, or remedy the political mess of the nation?’ you may wonder. Maybe not much will happen externally but after looking at the stars, you’ll certainly feel that you and your worries are insignificant; and paradoxically, you will also feel happy that you are part of a an amazing universe. Looking out to marvel Mother Nature and feeling joy and gratitude in our insignificance helps us receive love, and yet stay grounded.To be continued…

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