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Slow down to speed up – Part 1

“God is never in a hurry, but he’s always on time”

         –  Rick Warren (famous Christian preacher and author)

“I am growing in my career”, “I spend half my life on airplanes”, “I work twenty hours a day”, “I’ll soon be a billionaire”….

Does this sound impressive? Pause, and ask yourself if this is sustainable?

Studies have shown that for long term success one needs to periodically take a break, relax the body and mind and then resume their pursuit. When you consciously slow down, you rejuvenate your bodily and mental muscles.

The science of yoga teaches one to relax while performing various bend and twist poses. Likewise the science of happy living calls for pressing the pause button as you bend and twist in life.

What do we do when we pause?

Look, think and feel beyond yourself.

We are so habituated to live in our own little mental world that we hardly recognize the big world outside of us. When we connect to a higher reality through meditation or scriptural hearing and then revisit our goals and jobs, we come back spiritually surcharged.

When we see and feel the overarching spiritual dimension to life, our mental issues in contrast appear petty. That gives us the strength to face the daily challenges. Slowly as we get absorbed again in our duties of this world, the external stressors add up and invade our internal system. Soon, they fill our brains to the brim. Beware! Your system could ‘hang’; pause and slow down. Albert Einstein once said, “He who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead; his eyes are closed.”

Our daily appointments, goals and things to do could make our inner world rigid and boring. We need to soften our hearts amidst the hectic pace of activities. Often we live on the ‘head’ and the ‘hands’ so much that we hardly have time for our ‘heart’. But the seat of emotions is the heart; that’s the place where inspirations grow and purpose flourishes. It’s the heart where ambition meets conscience and where love takes precedence over achievements. In the rush of things to do, we often neglect our heart and the results are disastrous.

To be continued…

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