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Slow down to speed up – Part 5

Chanting and hearing the transcendental sound vibration of scriptures helps us connect to God. The sound purifies our heart and helps connect our soul to a reality, beyond our immediate concerns. That connection helps us access a rich reservoir of satisfaction.

Years ago I read ‘First things first’ by Steven Covey and Rebecca Merill. I was fascinated when I read the authors mention that submissive hearing and reading of scriptures awakens our conscience; it helps us connect to ourselves better. I couldn’t believe what I read, because I never thought even non-practitioners of my faith would emphasize on the reading of scriptures. I then turned to the appendix to find out what the authors meant by ‘scriptures’ and to my pleasant surprise I saw they mentioned books like the Bhagavad Gita, the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. 

Submissive, prayerful reception to transcendental sound vibrations like ‘Om’ or the Hare Krishna mantra disentangles the mind of needless clutter. As we focus on ‘listening’ to the sound vibration, we are in effect listening to God. That’s because God in this day and age incarnates in His sound. Imagine you spent quality time with God daily, how do you think you’d feel? You are right; you’d be on a high and far above the problems of this world.

This gives you an ‘aerial’ view towards your own life. If you are on the ground fighting the enemy, you do not know what dangers lay ahead. But if you are on a helicopter, you can see the enemy coming from all directions. In the same way, most of us are engrossed in our daily complexities; we hardly know ourselves.Attention to spiritual practises takes us off the ground, helps us see our life dispassionately and then when we are back on the ground, we are able to deal with our present reality more soberly, and more effectively. 

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