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Small deeds lead to a Big Purpose-Part 3

At the same time, he’s aware that the suffering he went through was the catalyst that helped him move forward happily in life. Therefore he is grateful for his tragedies. It’s a virtuous cycle because he chose to see the event differently to how most people would do, he reaped immense benefits. His attitude and actions also gave him experience. Together they synergized to increased positivity. He is a life enhancer and an invaluable asset to the human society.

Chesley Sullenberger- also known as Sully- is a retired airline captain and today an aviation legend. On January 15, 2009 after a flock of geese struck his plane’s engines immediately after takeoff, he landed the plane safely on the Hudson River. The unprecedented event stunned the world and almost instantly catapulted him to the status of a national hero.  Even the US President called to thank him for saving the lives of 155 members on board. 

The critical moment when he had to choose whether to fly the plane to the nearest runway or land on the river, he trusted his guts. He knew the risk in doing the usual thing – speed to the nearest runway, and considering the birds destroyed his engines, the plane could crash before they reached. But to land on the river? No one had ever done that before. What helped him decide were the principles he followed for decades. He did the right things, even if small, day in day out. An example: Sully joined a suicide prevention centre, learned the science of suicide and helped young men and women overcome suicidal tendencies. And he did this immediately after he faced the tragedy of his own father’s suicide! He thus transformed a painful tragedy into an opportunity to contribute and serve.

Sullenberger, Victor Frankl, or a simple college teacher could be agents of change, and so could you.

Doing the right things daily

We need to do the right things, even if insignificant. This includes a polite thank you, or a smile or letting a speeding car overtake you. There’s nothing tiny when we see the significant consequences of those actions performed over time. The ‘small’ deeds of today thus help us discover our aspirations.Then whether God gives us a horse or sends a tiger in our sojourn through this forest of the material world, we’ll be happy and prepared to face the daily challenges. 

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