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Srila Prabhupada- a sportsman’s attitude – Part 2

Srila Prabhupada thus was a perfect, transcendental opportunist, who never missed to score a goal or win a point, even in the most adverse circumstances.

Once two of his close disciples were scheduled to meet the Prime Minster but Mr. Rajda, the senior politician who was scheduled to take them to the PM got delayed and they reached half hour late for the meeting. As a result the Prime minster was peeved and excused himself hurriedly. Devotees were disappointed and Srila Prabhupada was angry that they didn’t explain to the prime minister that they were on time but delayed because of Mr Rajda. But soon, Srila Prabhupada said, it was okay and these politicians will anyways never change. He had this amazing ability to switch gears- to be detached from the loss and focus on the next, immediate point of action.

That’s what a sportsman does. If he muses over the last point, he loses the next few as well, and before he realizes the match has slipped to his opponent. Likewise every moment we spend cribbing about the past bad event, we have lost the present and soon, Mr. Time, our friendly rival, snatches away the match of our lives, from our grip.

When Srila Prabhupada chastised atheists or corrupt politicians, he carried no malice. He once said he calls them rascals because it’s a pleasure sport to debate with them and scold them!

Roger Federer too is well known for brilliant comebacks.

On many occasions when he was trailing, even a few match points down, he’d go on to eventually win the match. What’s his secret? In one interview he confessed that he’d tell himself ‘just hang in there. Don’t give up, things may turn around’. And that’s exactly what happens.

To be continued…

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