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Take care of your five sheaths – Part 2

Happiness can be defined in two ways: pleasure, or a more profound sense of fulfillment.  When you gratify the senses – tongue, ear, nose, eyes and touch, you are seeking comfort, but if you pursue a worthy goal, your heart is likely to experience contentment. A peg of whiskey or delicious chocolate could tickle your senses, but that’s fleeting. However like Sanjay Kumar, if you choose to pursue your inner calling, to live beyond the little needs of the mind and body, you connect to a higher level of happiness. And that could potentially contribute to another’s well-being and happiness as well.

How do I seek and live a life of noble aspirations? How do I know if my actions will enhance my experience or bring me more misery?

Trust yourself

We need to trust ourselves first.

Many grow up hearing about their inadequacies from others. They live in self-doubt and procrastinate right actions. Men and women today live in constant fear and divide the world and its people into friends and enemies. If we can trust ourselves and the universe as a place of goodness, and see the divine oneness in all of this creation, we will catapult ourselves to a life of constant serenity. We will then be guided by our inner wisdom body – also known asVijanana maya kosha – or the sheath of intuition, conscience and wisdom.

Active living requires us to contribute or give back to the universe in the same measure as we receive. To be able to offer we need to know how best to give. What’s my unique contribution to this world? Who’s going to tell me about my strengths and weaknesses?

Imagine the answers came from within! No, it’s not your mind’s rant but a loud, still voice that would guide you on a daily basis. To tap that we need to know it exists and is one of the five layers of our existence.

An ancient book of wisdom, Taittreya Upanishad explains the five layers that we are formed of. These sheaths cover the real ‘I’ – the soul – and a healthy person is one who takes care of all these layers.To be continued…

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