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Take care of your five sheaths – Part 4

While the first two layers are perceivable, the mind and emotional sphere are challenging to comprehend. Yet, we all go through emotional upheavals and face an inner struggle with our thoughts and feelings. Yet those who were either trained in childhood to keep their manomaya kosha healthy or those who consciously worked on it, are better off than most people who merely respond to everyday situations.

And how do we train ourselves to keep the mind and emotions healthy?

Journaling, appreciation and gratitude practices, reading, meditation, acts of kindness, affirmation and nature walks are a few ways to keep the mind and emotional body vibrant.

4.    Wisdom and conscience – the vijnanamaya kosha

Sometimes your intuition screams aloud about what needs to be done. You just seem to know the right thing. Each one of us has been blessed with a wisdom body that’s ready to guide us so it’s unfortunate that many ignore their own inner conscience.

When we were children probably our concerned parents thought we might harm ourselves and therefore they decided what’s right for us. Or we heard so much negativity about ourselves that we’ve never trusted our own wisdom body. It’s now time to change the rules.

5.    The Bliss body – the Anandamaya Kosha

Beyond all the above coverings lies our real identity of ‘Bliss’- an existence that is eternal, conscious and blissful and known in the Vedas as Satcitananda.

When connected to our bliss state, we remain unruffled with the external ups and downs. If you discover a contended experience, where you are at peace with yourself, and you know you are in this world, yet not part of it, you have just tapped your Anandamaya Kosha.

Being present at the seashore, forest or a mountain helps us access our eternal self. I remember sitting under an old banyan tree near our monastery and feeling insignificant. Also in the presence of a vast sea, my own tiny worries seem to drown away to nothing. There is peace in being small in the existence of this giant and eternal cosmos. It’s at this point of union between our insignificance and God or divinity’s greatness that the experience of bliss happens and our bliss body develops.

The art of spiritual-bliss-experience is to sustain this mood of humility. And you do that with service and aural reception to the wisdom that abundantly flows from above.

Developing the Wisdom and Bliss body

Instead of allowing people of this world to write our inner scripts, we could try hearing or studying sacred scriptures and wisdom books from history. What happens then is interesting. We access a region beyond our own tiny mind and intelligence. It’s somebody else’s intelligence now – but not your family and friends. This wisdom descends from above and it has no agenda to shape you according to its whims. This sound will penetrate your inner layers of consciousness and help you connect to your own wise self.

To be continued…

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