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Take care of your five sheaths – Part 5

Your elders at home might have wanted to make you a doctor or they may try to draw some social mileage out of you. Hence they may write many scripts for you. But perfect sound helps you access the real you, the one that is beyond your mind and ego. This is descending knowledge. When we are present in this space, we sharpen our intellect and also refine our own vijnanamaya kosha.

Humble and contemplative study of Scriptures is part of every tradition; it helps wisdom descend from a spiritual plane and purify our own mind, intelligence and ego.

The key is ‘Receive.’

The key here is a humble disposition; wanting to ‘receive’ and not achieve. An attitude of service while reading scriptures or contributing to others’ well-being, helps us discover our own self. Intuition and wisdom is a divine gift from Mother Nature; it descends from ‘above’ when we keep ourselves ‘below’. If we try to figure out and control our own mind and intelligence, we are not really tuning in to receive, rather we are trying to manipulate nature. It’s in our smallness we grow big, it’s when we humble ourselves that our wisdom and bliss sheaths evolve.

When Henry David Thoreau stayed at the Walden Pond for over two years, he ‘received’ in abundance. He studied the Bhagavad Gita as well, in the same mood and later penned Walden, his masterpiece contribution to mankind.

 The ‘Listen’ Principle

A couple I knew remotely divorced last year. A common friend said their issues were trivial; they accused each other, aside from many other minor issues, of irresponsible behavior, snoring, not cooking well and keeping the kitchen dirty. I suggested there was more to it; at least one person in the relationship was not ‘listening.’

If you claim you love each other, you need to spend time together. And when you talk, you first listen. It’s practically impossible to be loved if you don’t look to the person you claim to love. The same principle works even in our relationship with ourselves. If you truly love yourself, or want to accept yourself, or want to know what’s the best you could do in a given situation, you need to listen – not to the mind, but to your own inner wisdom. In other words ‘listen’ means being present. When we are mindful of what we do, we are ‘listening’ and developing our wisdom body.

When we listen, we receive love. To discover meaning and purpose, you need to trust yourself. Beyond the chatter and tantrums of the mind, there is divine guidance from within that directs our wanderings; our wisdom body helps us thrive and contribute uniquely to this world.Your unique purpose is waiting to reveal itself to you. Just trust yourself and listen.  

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    Wow the whole article of ‘taking care of ur five sheath’ is worth reading, contemplating n applying about….tysm for sharing with us

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