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The 3 Aspects of God

Following is an excerpt from the lecture on The 3 Aspect of God by HG Vraj Bihari Prabhu.

The three modes of material nature that influences us 24×7 are Sathva, Rajas and Thamas. Sathva means goodness, peace, feeling of containment, frivolity in thought etc. Rajas mean passion, action, desire etc. Thamas means ignorance, madness, depression, anger, lust etc. These three things are present in everything that we use like food, clothes, music etc. For example, in food, Sathva represents fresh, non-spicy items, Rajas represents spicy, hot items and Thamas represents non-eatable items. To avoid being influenced by these three modes, we have to surrender to the supreme, Krishna.

Vedic literature denotes a way to get to the supreme. That is through chanting the three words “OM THATH SATH”. OM represents the Supreme, Krishna. THATH represents the detachment from the results of our activities. SATH represents the positive attachment to the Lord. As a whole, “OM THATH SATH” literally means “My lord, the activities I had done are not for me but for your happiness”. By telling these words, we have to remember to detach ourselves from the desire about the results and attach ourselves to the satisfaction of supreme.
The first letter “OM” consists of three parts – “a, uh, hmm”. “A” represents connecting to Krishna, “uh” represents Antharanga Sakthi of Krishna and “hmm” represents Bairanga Sakthi of Krishna. Since sound is the most important of element of creation, these three parts also represent the sound aspect of cosmos. “A” is the beginning of sound and so the first letter in almost every language. “Hmm” is the final closure in all conversations. And “uh” represents everything in between.
Some people can ask “If OM THATH SATH can free us from three modes, and then what is the use of HARE KRISHNA?” Hare Krishna is the Mahamantra recommended in Kali Santarana Upanishad for modern day human. Hare Krishna is not just a mantra, it is a prayer which transcends the mind of devotees and connects it to Krishna. Hare Krishna includes the meaning of OM THATH SATH. So chanting Hare Krishna, we confirm that our mind and activities are only to serve Krishna.

Hinduism has two schools of thought regarding the understanding of Lord Supreme. One is Advaita philosophy preached by Shankarcharya. This school of thought stresses in the formless aspect of lord and believes in oneness of god. Another is Dvaita philosophy preached by Madhavacharya. This school of thought stresses in the person form of god and the duality of god and soul. Everyone in Hinduism is a follower of any one of these schools. The main reason for the rising of these schools of thought is the preaching of Buddhism that everything is Shuniya (zero). Both Acharyas clarified this and assured the presence of Supreme Lord.

Confusion between these two schools is made clear when Krishna came to the world and explained the Achintya Bheda Abheda Tattva. In this book, Krishna clearly told that people are simultaneously same as god and different as god. This clarified that both Advaita and Dvaita philosophies are correct in certain aspects. We and God are same as both are made of pure spirits. But God is unlimited and we are infinitesimally small compared with God. So we are different as well. Simply we are same qualitatively but different quantitatively.

In Bhagavad Gita, Krishna told Arjuna “I am everywhere. Everything is in me but everything is not me”. This clearly explains that Krishna is present in everything but everything is not Krishna. Hinduism is the most accommodating religion in the world. It had always embraced other modes to approach God. According to Hinduism, God has 3 aspects. These 3 aspects are Formless (Brahman) aspect, Localized (Paramathma) aspect and Form (Bhagavan) aspect. Brahman aspect is similar to seeing a hill from distance; you can see only the outline. Paramathma aspect is similar to going closer; you can see the inner things. Bhagavan aspect is similar to actually in the hill; you can feel.

This is very beautifully explained in this Video, please play this video and listen to this video.

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