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The Benefits of Glorifying the Holy Name

Following is an excerpt from the lecture on the conversation between Narada and Vyasdev – Vraja Bihari Das.

In the previous chapter, there was instructions of Narada Muni on Srimad Bhagvatam where Vyasadev, the compiler of all the Veda is very depressed and his Guru Narada Muni comes and tells him that he is sad because he did not glorify Krishna exclusively. Then he instructs him on how if he glorifies Krishna then his heart will be completely satisfied. Vyasadev has complied all the literature and now Narada Muni is inspiring him to compile Srimad Bhagvatam. Then Narada Muni gives him series of beautiful instructions on how glorification of Krishna is the most potent form of spirituality and how this devotional service is the highest. So he conclusively establishes the power of Bhakti and the need of Vyasadev to write down the glorification of Krishna and devotional service.

Now after glorifying devotional service a need arises for us. So Narada Muni says that what better example can there be than my own example of how devotional service is potent. So he starts speaking his own life story on how because of little devotional service his life changed and he is speaking all this so that we can get connected to devotional services. Narada Muni says that ‘Devotional service is best and he was fortunate as he was from a poor family background and his mother was a simple maid and he was assisting her service to pure devotees of Krishna. Mainly 3 things which little Narada did as a 5 years old kid
1. He rendered humble service, which was not even to pure devotees but to his mother who was serving pure devotees.
2. Whenever these pure devotees are speaking about Krishna Katha, Narada was hearing all the Krishna Katha with great attention
3. He did no Prajalpa ie Gossip, which excludes Krishna Katha.

Narada Muni got 4 tangible benefits in spiritual life because of doing these three things. He continues by saying that time is very powerful. One day when her mother went to get milk from the cow, a snake bit her. It was time that came in the form of snake and bit her mother and she died. Now little Narada was helpless because his only shelter was is mother and he is only 5 years old boy who is living in very poor condition. Srila Prabhupada writes “This is way of dragging sincere soul nearer to Krishna. Krishna arranged this so that Narada could be put completely at the mercy of the Lord. A big tragedy has happened but it is for Narada’s benefit.

Now this 5 years old boy is thinking that this is the mercy of the Lord. He realized that this is the mercy of the Lord, he left home and started walking towards the North. Which means the 1st benefit that Narada got is that he could be positive even in the major crisis of his life. So we may claim as a devotee of Krishna but when test come in our life, we may not be able to practice devotional service. So Narada Muni says that by doing three things he got the strength to see a major calamity as an opportunity to increase his Krishna consciousness. This test which Krishna sends us are considered as fire which purifies us and we cannot avoid it because material world has been arranged in such a manner that however we are and whatever position we’re on, we cannot avoid tragedies.

The second benefit which Narada Muni got was the ability to overcome distractions and disturbance in the path of devotional service, We’ll be tested with many temptations and distractions to the extend of our hearing and chanting and rendering of service, we will be able to withstand this temptations and obstacles. Narada Muni is describing what happened when his mother died, he left and he passed through many flourishing metropolises. And although he was a small child, he did not waste time for a single moment with all this distractions because he was focused that he wanted Krishna. He continuously went on to progressive spiritual emancipation without getting distracted.

Narada got tired and sat under a banyan tree in an uninhabited forest and he began to meditate using his intelligence from his authorities. And finally by his intense meditation on Krishna very soon he came on the stage of Bhava and tears started coming from his eyes, his body started trembling and Krishna appeared to him in his heart. He actually saw Krishna, usually it takes lot of time to reach at this stage but Narada, because of his sincere devotional service and by being completely focused he reached the state of Bhava immediately and that is why he is glorified in Srimad Bhagvatam.

So this is an amazing example of how sincere practice of devotional service can help one overcome distractions and temptations. Narada continues by saying after seeing Krishna at that time being exceedingly over powered feelings of extacy, every part of my body became separately enliven. Being observed in the ocean of extercy, he suddenly could not see Krishna. So this form of the Lord appeared before him and he actually saw Krishna’s beautiful transcendental form and his mind and senses were completely satisfied, all the contamination went away and suddenly that form disappeared so he got up as because he was disturbed wondering where is this form gone?

Narada was desiring to see that form again but despite my attempts to concentrate in the heart with eagerness, I could not see the form again so he was dissatisfied. Then the Lord spoke “ohh Narada, I regret that during this lifetime you will not be able to see me anymore, those who are incomplete in the service and who are not completely free from material tents cannot see me. Krishna continues by saying “you have only seen me ones and this is just to increase your desire for me because the more you hanker for me, the more you will be free from material desires”.

And the fourth benefit which Narada got is taste for chanting and preaching. After Lord disappeared Narada offered his obeyance to the Lord and he began chanting the holy name ignoring all the formalities of the material world and such chanting and remembering of transcendental and past times of the Lord are benedictory, doing so he traveled all over the world fully satisfied, humble and non envious. This only means that young Narada took complete shelter of Krishna after Lord disappeared. Narad Muni says that if you practice Yoga, one can get relief from lust and greed but if you want real satisfaction of the heart then you’ll get it only by glorifying Krishna

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