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The brave choice

“You make choices every day and almost every hour that keep you walking in the light or moving away toward darkness”– Henry B. Eyring

Imagine someone in your society suddenly came out on the streets half clothed, loudly sang a song in the middle of the night, and jumped up and down and then buoyantly went back to his house. Although you’d agree he has every right to use his independence the way he wishes to, yet you may be fearful of the potential embarrassment you’d face if he were to pull a joke on you in front of a huge crowd. “Better avoid him” you might conclude.

Generally in this world if somebody bewilders us by his behavior or if his conduct doesn’t fit into my definition of what’s acceptable, then I keep away from him. Similarly with God if His activities don’t fit into what I consider as acceptable for God to be doing, I might not want to be part of His family. I may not make an issue of it because I guess He has every right to do what He wants and those who love Him can chose to sing His glories. But I better stay out of this.

That’s when we have a choice. If we chose to not enter Krishna’s family, we continue with our daily humdrum. Yet if we take the bold step to join Him in His dance, come out on the street to sing buoyantly, then we’d be in for a pleasant surprise.

Initially you may feel awkward for you have shaken off your comfort zone. Soon however Krishna takes over. He notices that leap you have taken, and feels grateful to you for having chosen Him although you could have said no and continued your life as if nothing had happened. The choice of Krishna makes Him imprisoned in the heart of His devotees.  Krishna ensures we find an elevation in our consciousness; we enter a space of thought and feelings that was hitherto unexplored and only a vague dry theory.

So much about Krishna is inconceivable to our material senses, mind and intelligence. If we could understand Krishna fully then we and our intelligence would be greater than Him for we have figured Him out. Therefore Krishna or God remains elusive to our tiny intelligence. That would keep us humble. But just when we’d feel so tiny that we can’t make anything out of Him He gives us a sweet taste in the process of chanting and hearing about Him. That taste helps us accept His independence and His refusal to fit into our heads.

He enters our hearts and satisfies us, and even if my head can’t figure Him out, I love Him and He is all good!

But loving sentiments for God is not easy to sustain given the vicious mind that threatens to constantly fill us with confusions and doubts. Therefore we need to sharpen our heads as well. We do that by constantly hearing about the greatness of Krishna.

The presence of Krishna in our hearts is a tangible reality.  Krishna literally means all attractive, and when we chose to chant Krishna’s Holy Names or associate with devotees who bring us closer to Krishna, we can not only feel His presence grow in our hearts, we can also develop a deep relationship with Him.

And for that we have to choose Him over the other attractions that pull us away. And choosing Krishna may be a tough decision to make, but surely we won’t regret it.

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