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The Culture Shock – Part 3

I tried to appear unaffected. “Well, this is common in India as well. We accept it as part of our life” I said, remembering the Supreme Court’s recent verdict on legalizing Gay marriages back in India.

My friend chuckled, “When you come here next time, you’d likely find a wedding of a human with an animal. I wonder when that will happen in India?”

“Yuks!” I exclaimed, “That will never happen.” The thought repelled me, and I instantly dismissed the idea.

But Srinivas spoke quite mysteriously, “Well, you’ll be in for some surprises.”

I saw mischief in his eyes but didn’t probe. I retired to my room and awaited the wonder the following day would bring.

And I wasn’t disappointed.

It was pleasant but little chilly in the morning. Hank, our neighbor, looked pensive. I waved him goodbye as he rushed to office in his bicycle. A few minutes later I was surprised to see the door of his house open, and a cat (I later learned a male one) came strolling out. I knew Hank lived alone and wondered how the cat opened the door by itself. I panicked, suspecting, as I’d do back in India about the usual burglars. My friend reassured me the cat had a microchip between its neck and the back. That helps Hank track his beloved one and also the chip opens the door whenever the cat wished to go on a stroll.

“But what if he’s lost or is sick or meets with an accident?” I wondered aloud, in concern for Gizmo- Hank’s pet.

Srinivas had all the answers. “Hank has a television camera installed. While working in his office, he constantly looks at the screen and monitors Gizmo’s movements throughout the day. Of late he is in anxiety because he got the cat castrated and the recovery time is taking longer than expected. He had to miss office last week to care for his love.”

“But what about the cat’s food? Won’t’ he remain hungry for the next seven hours till Hank returns from office?”

To be continued….

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