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The Ego in disguise – A Lesson from Indian history – Part 2 of 5

Later in the solitiude of my room I reflected on the crisis here – It wasn’t the defiant participants of the Markaz who had to be quelled by none other than the NSA Ajit Doval, but I strongly feel the real villain is lurking closely but elsewhere. Are we willing to see him/them?

I do not know who or what ideology breeds such arrogance that a simple police man’s job in our country has to be done by the NSA. But these are serious issues and I can see the LEADERSHIP EGO in action. The leaders of these men – whoever they are and from whichever party they belong – have veiled their ego maniac ambitions as an expression of SELF RESPECT.

I intuitively know there is a difference between the two and when leaders play on the EGO field, common men become villians and victims.

Even as we search for the villians in this episode, my mind goes back to the history of Indian independence where a similar situation arose- the common men hated each other when leaders played ego games. 

History will forever hold guilty the quartet of Mountabetten, Jinnha, Gandhi and Nehru for the terrible partition fiasco and especially in the context of present essay, we will see how simple men become victims because of the veiled ego actions of their leaders.

The purpose is to learn lessons from history and ensure we don’t repeat them now.

Let’s begin with Jinnah. He was the total antithesis of a Muslim; he ate pork, didn’t read the namaz, drank booze and smoked heavily – all qualifications to be declared an apostate or worse, to be stoned to death. What then really inflamed his heart with a desire for Muslim welfare and a need for Pakistan that fomented unparalleled hatred for Hindus, amongst his zealot followers?

To be continued….

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