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The Ego in disguise – A Lesson from Indian history – Part 5 of 5

As the reality of partition now became obvious, the armed forces also had to be divided. The army regiments everywhere contained Sikh, Hindu and Muslim men. Some regiments would go to Pakistan army and the rest to India. 

The Sikh and Dogra regiments had an emotional farewell party for their Muslim brothers with a lavish dinner and bhangra dance. They cried and embraced vowing to forever remain united in heart. Meanwhile Brigadier Kariappa organized the most emotionally touching of all parties in New Delhi where he presented a silver trophy to his Muslim counterpart and lots of thanks giving and loving exchanges followed in that get together. The men – disregarding all religious barriers- vowed to meet again soon in Lahore to play polo and enjoy as past; after all they reasoned India and Pakistan would forever be friends as they have the same men who lived together as brothers for centuries. 

Little did they know then that they would meet sooner than they imagined and in the most horrifying circumstances of Punjab and Lahore massacres. They would slay each other also in the battle for Kashmir.

Meanwhile, not to be outdone by the Hindu and Sikh love gestures, Mohammaed Idris of the Muslim regiment hosted a super excellent party for his Sikh and Hindu men at Rawalpindi. He announced spiritedly that they had all spilt blood together during the second world war and therefore they are forever brothers. Men cried like children, feeling seperation from their friends. In the end when the Hindu and Sikh men left, Idris recieved an order from the headquarters that they (Hindus and Sikhs)should be asked to leave back their guns because it now belonged to the future Pakistan army. Idris overturned the order saying these men are soldiers first and the guns are their wealth and identity. This won more love and they parted crying in affection. Two hours later, on a train to Delhi, these Hindu and Sikh men were ambushed by a militant outfit of Jinnah’s Muslim League. Since the army men however had retained the guns, they survived the day; although they lost a few men in the clashes, most returned to Delhi safe. 

All the love and camaraderie evaporated soon as Amritsar and Lahore burned and the riots in Delhi, Punjab, Karachi and other places after partition led to a loss of more than ten lakh lives. 

If you closely examine history, the men of any faith are essentially same- they belong to humanity. Yet, the ideological moorings and divisive leadership foment hate and bigotry. 

It’s obvious that systems with an ideological bias that they are the best and those who don’t surrender to their God are satans, are a bane of human civilisation. 

The Tablighi Jamat incident should therefore be seen in this light and lead the government to apprehend the perpetrators and leaders of this mindset. If we don’t catch them, we’ll keep fighting amongst ourselves and never really solve the problem. History will again repeat itself. 

We have our daily worries – job, EMI’s, children’s education, home issues, health challenges and plenty more. We can’t afford to allow our frustrations to be released on our own countrymen and make matters worse, while leaders spew venom and divide the country. Let’s get them- the leadership- the jugular vein of this terrible mindset.

Let’s not get emotional about the lapses of Markaz attendees, who are mere victims, and maybe some of them are brainwashed fanatics, just as there are crazy fundamentalists in every religion. Instead, while dealing with them through tough measures, destroy their ideology masters. Catch these ego maniac leaders, who push their agendas as their followers’ rights. Punish them, send them to gallows and save the country.

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