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The five cities in our inner world – Part 4

Those with a developed manomaya kosha are generally happy, and they feel loved. If however, you are starved of affection and are generally unhappy, you can try affirmations and healthy self-love and self-acceptance practices. A developed Mind sheath ensures you are usually peaceful.

Most people live in these three koshas- pleasure, protection, and peace.

The Wisdom body – Vijnanamaya Kosha

Very few ask more in-depth questions about life. ‘Who am I?’ or ‘What happens after death?’ Or ‘Why bad things happen to good people?’- A search to answer these questions prods them on to tap their intuition and conscience. Such men and women are said to live in Vijnanamaya Kosha- the wisdom body. They are purpose driven and are rarely discouraged by who said what. They don’t get mental about office politics or society gossip. They live in a sphere beyond the mind and are often grateful and curious to know more. They study scriptures and attentively hear and learn from others. They observe and judge less, and carry a sense of quiet confidence in themselves.

One who seeks to develop his or her wisdom body connects to the conscience- inner compass. The direction and guidance, and the resultant assuredness are inborn to one who is deeply connected to self.

The Bliss body – Anandamaya Kosha

The last of the five koshas is Anandamaya Kosha- the pure bliss state. That’s where we live in deep contentment, in our inner home-Mumbai- where a sense of shelter and happiness pervades our being. This happy state is deeply internal and depends on our personal state; it’s vastly different from the pleasure of annamaya kosha which is more driven by sense objects external of us.

When we give without expecting anything in return or stay present in our spiritual activities, we’ll likely enter the space of pure bliss.

I knew a monk in our Mumbai monastery, who convinced me about the reality of this Kosha.

Every night the shoe stall in our ashram lay in a mess. Despite repeated announcements to the monks that they need to keep their footwear in the allotted racks, they wouldn’t comply.

To be continued…

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