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The Happiness Guide – Discover how you can become truly happy

Following is an excerpt from a lecture on Nityananda Trayodasi – Lecture Teachings from Lord Nityananda’s Pastimes – Vraja Bihari Das

I surrender to the lotus feet of Lord Nityananda as he is the master of the illusion and all the unlimited universes are coming from him because he is the origin of everything. Therefore Lord Nityananda is Lord Balaram, the supreme personality of Godhead but supreme personality of servitude Godhead in the mode of serving the Lord. Krishna has come as Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and Lord Balaram has come as Lord Nityananda. So Lord Chaitanya is like the sun that dispels all the ignorance and by the mercy of Lord Chaitanya even a small child can pass through the ocean filled with crocodiles and other barriers because he is like a brilliant sun which dispels all the darkness. And Lord Nityanandan is like a beautiful full moon and the speciality of the full moon is that it gives smoothing rays which gives us cooling like and refreshing feeling. And when we take shelter of Lord Nityanandan we feel relief from the pain of material existence.

Today people want to get educated so that they start earning and get money, with that they feel comes happiness. Similarly, an ant is carrying food which is bigger than its size because even the ant wants happiness. A CEO of a company travels places everyday just so that he can earn more money and get more happiness but they don’t know that they are in a dessert and one drop of water is the amount of happiness they are actually getting. So they become more greedy as they want more and more drops of water. The material world is designed in such a way that it will completely frustrate us, we can never be happy and satisfied. But there is one way we can be happy in this material nature world and that is by taking the shelter to the Lotus feet of the Spiritual Master. We can get relief from this blazing fire of material existence. Spiritual master is the personality who brings Krishna’s mercy to our life. If at all there is happiness in this world, we experience it only when we get shelter of the Bonafied Spiritual Master who is originally non other then Nityananda Prabhu because Lord Nityananda is Lord Balaram and he is the source of all the strength and power. So our search for happiness is completed when we take shelter of Lord Nityananda. He can make everyone happy and blissful by giving the holy name.

Generally we can have 3 types of relationships in this world, someone superior to us, someone equal to us and someone junior to us but if you see Lord Balaram is so expert that he covers all 3 aspects in his relationship with Krishna. As superior as guru – he will order Krishna and Krishna will massage his feet, as equal to him Balaram will wrestle with Krishna or race with him, as a junior Balaram will serve Krishna so the bottom line is that Lord Balaram was happy to serve Krishna in the mode of service. And even we can internalize this principle of happiness by doing 3 things.
1st is we need to receive it which simply means we need to be grateful for what we’ve got. By thanking Lord Nityananda for giving us causeless mercy.
2nd is that we have to rectify our-self which means you are not going to commit any more sins.
3rd is that we need to remind this mercy of God to others which is called preaching because if we keep what we receive to our-self then we are going against Lord Nityananda so we have to share. Therefore we become happy.

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