The race against time – Part 4

Bhakti helps transcend Time
The twins’ absorption in service is contagious; thousands, who throng to Mayapur- now the world headquarters of ISKCON, can feel the enthusiasm, quiet grace, and spontaneous joy they exude so naturally. They have chosen to get out of time’s clutches by changing their desires. While Emile desires to tell potential dating partners that he is young as he feels, and not as old as he is, here we have two special brothers who are convincing everyone- without saying a word- that Bhakti process could make you ageless.
The contrast that spiritualists like Jananivas and Pankajanghri provide exposes the paradox of our times.  Many, like Emilie, desperately want more time but that’s what they use worst! Time is the one thing we all have in common; nevertheless, it’s also the one thing that each of us uses so differently.
The fifth canto of Srimad Bhagavatam compares our life in this material world to that of a man who enters a forest to get honey from the beehives. He accepts much risk from jackals, snakes and wild animals to get the honey. Finally, he also gets stung by the bees. Similarly, in this forest of the material world, to experience sexual pleasure, one undergoes repeated suffering and pain from various sources.
Let’s change the game
But we can decide now to turn it all. Before Time eventually gets us, let’s absorb ourselves in activities that nourish deeper than our body and mind. Each moment spent to nurture our souls is a significant investment. Remember, if you lose money, you could earn it back. But every minute and hour we spend is lost forever- it’s never going to come back.  Men of Emilie’s ilk could visit Mayapur to witness a genuine life-changing experience; the contrasts are not only glaring but also refreshingly hope-giving.
Let’s graciously accept that Time is a school in which we learn, and it’s also a fire in which we all burn. But before Time incinerates us, let’s change and purify our priorities. With a spiritual purpose, we no longer race against time- and it’s not scary anymore. We’ll face the verdict of Mr. Time with honor, even as Judges in Emily’s case wonder what to do.

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