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Think small, grow big – Part 2

How acceptance helps? 

Acceptance means to know one’s limitations and be happy about it. For instance I always wanted to write a lot and thought I could do it. When I finally accepted I am small and came to terms with my inability to write as much as I thought I should, I felt liberated. I set a simple, achievable target of fifty words daily, and as I began writing daily, I felt happy in being small.

This is acceptance.

If I were to give up my writing totally, then that’s not acceptance; rather it’s a foolish abandon of my talents and desires. If writing defines who I am, if that’s what I essentially am, then by not writing I simply lead a life of non-acceptance.

Interestingly, when we accept our real small place in this giant cosmos, we also get empowered to contribute much more than what we did so far.

That’s because we are happy in a state of acceptance. And happiness helps us give back to the universe.

The ‘Small’ v/s ‘Big’ paradigm

A typical self-help guru or a life coach would prod you to ‘Think big’. For a change, try the recipe of ‘think small’ and see the difference.

‘Big’ refers to a lofty goal, an ideal that you wish you lived by. ‘Small’ however is easy and you would achieve it even if you were sick or terribly busy.

Let’s say you wish to lose twenty kgs and be slim and fit. You make a grand plan that includes a daily workout of an hour. What happens? A few weeks later you realize you had an erratic schedule and you haven’t exercised at all. You again resolve and make a better plan, yet slip after a few days. If you have struggled with keeping up your plans, your life coach would suggest you practise strong determination or make your purpose stronger. Most people however are unaware that will power is a limited resource pool, and the more we use determination during the day, the pool depletes and leaves us with ‘decision fatigue’ at the end of the day. If you have been frustrated in the past with determined plans failing repeatedly, try something new now.

Resolve right now that whatever happens you’d exercise daily for just two minutes. Yes, you read right: only two minutes. And you’d do it even if the heavens fell from the sky.  There’s no meditation on your ‘why’ or purpose. You simply have no choice but to do it daily. But you chose a target that’s so easy that you just can’t miss it.

To be continued….

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  1. Nisha says:

    Very encouraging ,the new recipe, thanks

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