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Think small, grow big – Part 6

But is it the Brain or the Mind?

Some people call it the ‘Brain’ and others ‘Mind’.

But whatever technical explanations you offer, at the end of the day it’s the strange and unknown inner world that governs our life in this world. Whether it’s the prefrontal cortex and basal ganglia conflict in the brain or a disturbance in the ahankara and prana sheaths of our consciousness, what really is a concern are the inner demons each one of us fights with. We struggle to give up bad habits, and cultivate good ones. We do things that we wish we didn’t, and regret our inability to do what really defines us.

I do acknowledge the tremendous strides in medical science; today we claim to know a lot more about our brains and mind than our ancestors, yet we couldn’t emphatically declare that we have better mental and emotional hygiene. On the contrary a large number of men and women today are terrible victims of unhealthy emotional habits. Whether its school kids shooting en masse or clinically depressed people committing suicides, the danger is real.

Yet the good news is life isn’t as complicated as we fear.

The basic principles of Awareness, Acceptance, and Aspiration can free us from our slavery to our minds (or the ‘brain’ as you may want to call it).

How does it work?

Remember and celebrate your small success

Good habits get difficult to cultivate because the mind loves to remember our past failures. Often people claim that they want to be happy but little do they realize that the mind relishes pain and suffering with equal ferocity. And that’s precisely why the good things that are close to our ideals become such a challenge to cultivate. Besides, if we often remember our mistakes and failures, we tend to attach stories to them, and come to reject our own selves.

Therefore if we really want to be happy, we need to remember the success and happy moments more. If we keep small, achievable targets, and achieve them with ease, the mind has a success to celebrate.

To be continued…

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