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Think small, grow big – Part 7

For example my writing was erratic and inconsistent. On some days I wrote five thousand words and then for months, I wrote nothing at all. As a result, I wrote little, although I wished I wrote more. My ambitions were inconsistent with my efforts.

My misery ended for ever when one evening I resolved the following two things.

1. I accepted I am not a champion writer who is addicted to writing. I was small and insignificant, yet I was happy at the way God has made me; complete and perfect.

2. I decided to write just fifty words daily. Even if the heavens fell this was something I could easily do, and I would surely write more on some days, but that’s a bonus. My target was no longer the ‘great American novel’ or fifty thousand words every month. I realized these former goals were not only unrealistic but also stress inducing. But now I was liberated. I am small and I write just fifty words daily.

What happened?

I wrote a lot more than fifty words. But I kept reminding myself that I was exceeding my targets, and I didn’t need to. I was happy to write more because I was good and doing better than what I could.

My mind had less reason to rant and fret now. Sometimes my mind does prod that I could increase the target and write more. But I realize that’s cheating by the mind.

In the past I had higher targets but wrote little. Now with little targets, I am writing so much more. Hence I figured out, it’s better to under promise and over deliver when it comes to dealing with the mind.

My most precious realization in life: When I am happy at my success, I can contribute much more.

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  1. Naresh says:

    Thank u prji I am also going through this kind of mind problems we want to be hero’s in one day mind makes us believe before bed and takes to heights and throws from there, this is what going on everyday now i understand it’s better to keep small goeals and deliver more perticulary dealing with mind
    Thank u prji I read Ur article first time as somebody kept Ur some lines as what’s app status

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