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Three keys to developing Acceptance- Part 5

Step 3: The Baby steps

A local NGO needed help with their school at the slums, and they looked for volunteers to teach the kids. Kamlesh had been practicing Affirmations for a few weeks when he learned of this opportunity from a friend.

He later confessed that the universe does help and things begin to fall in place for us when we practice positive self-talk and visualize what we really want to do. Since he lived the reality of teaching the children in his own inner world, he was now ready to deal with the truth even in the outside world. And the offer just fell into his lap.

Often opportunities come knocking on our door but we are deaf to them. If only we chose to think and see positive internally, we’d recognize the good tidings as they come in abundance.

Paulo Cohelo in the introduction to his bestseller Alchemist says that the most dangerous obstacle to realizing our dreams is the guilt and fear of success. We think it’s our fear of failure that prevents us from getting what we want. But Cohelo offers an alternative insight: people make stupid mistakes just when they are on the verge of getting what they really want, and that’s because they deeply believe they don’t deserve it. It makes you feel saintly that you gave up something that would make you happy, and anyways people around are suffering, and they fail to get what they want. So ‘I too deserve to suffer’ is the insidious inner dialogue. Many men and women are almost there, yet they lose, because they secretly believe they can’t win, and they declare they don’t deserve to be happy.

Kamlesh too could have quickly become a victim of this. But no, he won the big battle inside; he had ‘accepted’ himself as a teacher. His visualizations simply reinforced his belief systems and had prepared him to face the inevitable reality outside. He was ready for the challenge; as the NGO offered him to teach at their school, he grabbed the chance with both hands. He volunteered to teach these children history and psychology on weekends.

This was the ‘baby-step’ he took in his awakened journey. Soon weekends became three days a week. Then four and finally one day he quit his job and was a school teacher. The change wasn’t sudden or painful. He had seen it coming because he had taken the small steps forward.

Kamlesh’s transformation wasn’t as dreadful as he had imagined. He was happy not just at the end, with the result he desired, but even the process of affirmations, visualization, and baby steps filled his heart with joy.Happiness, he realized, was in the journey, not just at the destination! 

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