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Tools to develop your wisdom body – Part 2

Spiritual sound and wisdom body

In many cultures we see importance attached to special sound vibrations. Whether it’s the devout Christians chanting on their rosary beads or the Hindus vibrating ‘Om’, there seems to be an aura attached to transcendental sound. And it’s not without a reason.

In the tradition I come from we chant the Hare Krishna mantra and hear or study scriptures as part of our daily exercise.

A friend shared his realization on how this practise helped him:

I had been dealing with some vexing issues on my home front. My family property and inheritance issues troubled my mind day in and day out. Yet I had this daily practise of visiting the temple for some quiet space, and to hear the morning class for half an hour. As the impasse on home issues often agitated me, one morning I had my bingo moment as the monk spoke on the Ramayana. It wasn’t anything spectacular, I had known the scripture for years, and the descriptions were something that I myself had spoken about often in my talks. It was just another day and a moment of prayerful and humble aural reception. Yet, I suddenly felt shelter and warmth of love and affection from a plane of existence that was far beyond my tiny unknown house on a remote street in Mumbai. It was as if the protagonists of Ramayana; Ram and Bharat were revealing to me how to handle the dead end; how I could negotiate and deal with my own situation with grace and dignity. I was concerned that our domestic tensions would turn ugly but now it was clear to me how I would respectfully address my issues. That’s also when I realized the purport of spiritual knowledge being ‘descending’ in contrast to the ‘ascending’ path of material knowledge.

Discovering the solutions to our problems

As each passing year unfolds ever new challenges for humanity- nuclear threats, pollution, breaking relationships, and terrorism- we rack our brains for lasting solutions. Interestingly, the answers are already there. There is nothing new for us to discover that the universe hasn’t already arranged in its eternal time cycle. We simply need to access it.

The mind is craving for more, and people are running, chasing a chimera.  The reward of this chase is melancholy- an undefined sadness drowns people seeking temporary goals and fleeting pleasures. However, those who anchor on connecting to themselves or like in my tradition, hearing spiritual narrations attentively, do transcend the influence of mind. They also prepare for an eternal life, after this brief one passes away.

Many of my friends in the spiritual tradition I come from have been serving for over five decades now and for inner nourishment they chant mantras, and attend regular classes. Yet they are relishing ever new sweetness in their busy and eventful lives. Life in our monastery too would appear dull if we simply go by the externals. But for a discerning observer, absorption in Srimad Bhagavatam, Ramayana and other divine books and holy chants helps one enter the space of eternal transcendence.

Yes, our problems and practical issues remain for now but by connecting to spiritual sound, we enter a space beyond the universe of our mind. And that solves a bigger problem, and helps us transcend our overabundance of worries.From that vantage point you could see your problems for what they are and the solutions for where they could lead you. And that’s your wisdom body in action. 

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