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Understanding the Love of Krishna

Following is an excerpt from the lecture on Understanding the Love of Krishna – Vraj Bihari Das

One of the challenges for Devotees is how to offer meaningful prayers. And in the Srimad Bhagavatam we see in the 10th Canto, the Prayers offered by the wives of Serpent Kaliya after Krishna defeated Kaliya.

So the background, Kaliya is about to die as Krishna, while dancing on the hoods of Kaliya, has smashed him so badly that his poison and blood is coming out of him. Kaliya’s wives see that their husband is changing, he is surrendering and repenting and that is why they are now desperate to save Kaliya because he now become a Vaishnava. Now they want Krishna to save their Husband. So they are offering their prayers.

SB 10.16.33
naga-patnya ucuh
nyayyo hi dandah krta-kilbise ’smims
tavavatarah khala-nigrahaya
ripoh sutanam api tulya-drstir
dhatse damam phalam evanusamsan


The wives of the Kaliya serpent said: The punishment this offender has been subjected to is certainly just. After all, You have incarnated within this world to curb down envious and cruel persons. You are so impartial that You look equally upon Your enemies and Your own sons, for when You impose a punishment on a living being You know it to be for his ultimate benefit.

The wives of the Serpent Kaliya said your punishment that you are giving to Kaliya is fair as our husband has offered serious offense and you are incarnated for this, to punish all the demons. And Krishna you are completely impartial for everyone and hence we won’t accuse you that you are doing something wrong. You are perfect, impartial and most important, you punishment is actually mercy, it is an expression of your love because you know even our husband is your enemy but he is still your child and you are punishing them as a loving parent.

So this the first thing when a devotee of lord prays, he doesn’t blame Krishna for the misery and the suffering in his or her life and he know he is completely impartial and most important Krishna loves us as well. So we need to understand and look at ourselves whether we are loving Krishna or aspiring to love Krishna the way he loves us.

Srila Prabhupada tells that when we hear about “love”, what usually comes in our mind is the love between male and female. But real love can be seen between Lord and Living entity. Srila Prabhupada writes the love and affection between the Lord and the living entity is similar to the love and affection between a male and female. And he also clarifies that the we can never compare, the love of this material world with the love of the living entity with Krishna and their relationship at the purified stage. And we can also bring the same love for Krishna if we take the path of submissive hearing of Krishna pastimes because Krishna and Krishna subject matter are not different, they are same. So when are hearing Krishna pastimes, we are slowing developing love for Krishna.

So when we are sincerely practice Krishna Consciousness, after death, we see Krishna eye to eye, you will speak with Krishna face to face, you will play with Krishna, you will live with Krishna and hence we are practicing Krishna Consciousness for an eternal life.

But to deepen the understanding of the love of Krishna, please watch this video cause it is filled with pastimes where the Love of Brajwasi and Krishna are spoken which are beyond material understanding.

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