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What’s really precious?

A sage decided to educate an overly attached king on spiritual subject matters. Although God fearing and pious, the king had many material ambitions, and wasn’t inclined to perform his spiritual duties.

The sage addressed the king, “I bring you bad news, oh king; you are to die within seven days”

The King pleaded, “Oh, revered sage, I have many desires, yet unfulfilled. Please do something”

“Do not fear, oh king”, the sage assured, “I have some good news too for you”

“What’s that”, probed the curious king

“After death, you’d certainly ascend to the heaven”

“Thank you”

“But there’s a problem”, revealed the sage, “There is a population explosion out there and it’s overcrowded”

“Too bad”, lamented the king

“Don’t worry”, assured the sage again, “you’d have your own palace, with all luxuries”

“Whew!! Thank heavens for that”

“But then there’s another bad news for you; the heaven is infested with mosquitoes”

“Oh how terrible! Is there no way out?”

“The good news is there are enough mosquito nets for you”

The king’s relief was short lived as the holy man now revealed, “My dear king, the tragedy however is the nets there have holes, and they need to be sewed”

“Well, is there some way out then”

“That’s no problem my dear king. There’s plenty of threads to stich the nets. The only problem now is there is an acute shortage of pins to sew the nets”

The king was distraught, “What is the hope for me, oh worshippable sage?”

“You just need to carry a good quality pin with you to the heavens; your problems are then solved”

The sage bade farewell to the pacified king. A few minutes later, the king, as if startled with a realization called his soldiers and ordered them to search for the sage and get him to his palace at once.

The sage was soon summoned, and the anxious king enquired, “My dear spiritual master, I have a doubt; how can I carry a pin with me to the heavens at the time of death?”

The learned sage smiled, “That’s exactly what I have come to educate you Oh king. You have been intoxicated by greed to pursue riches and fame; you don’t realize that on death, you can’t take even a tiny pin with you”

The king who had been blinded by his desires was now enlightened; he realized he had only sought after fleeting worldly treasures that carry no lasting use. He then vowed to use all his wealth and resources to lovingly serve the Supreme Proprietor, God.

Pause for a moment; in the ultimate analysis, ask what’s the use of all your pursuits? How does it matter at the time of death? If we can’t carry even a tiny pin with us, what about our grandiose plans to be a billionaire or acquire all the worldly delights and pleasures?

Can’t we seek something more sublime and worthwhile?

The Vedanta Sutra implores us to seek something higher, ‘athatho brahma jijnasa’- ‘Now that you have got a human form of life, enquire about the Absolute Truth’

Human life is rare and precious. We can rise above the petty pursuits of Sleeping, Eating, Enjoying and Defending and seek a spiritual pleasure that’s more fulfilling, and divine. And that can be experienced in our relationship with God, Krishna.

This relationship blossoms as we chant God’s Holy Names, and remember Him with love and devotion. The wealth of love is the only commodity that we can carry with us after death.

Let’s connect to Krishna and develop our dormant love for Him by chanting the Hare Krishna maha mantra daily.

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

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  1. Jagdish Yadav says:

    Hare Krishna Prabhujee.
    I had attended your session how to overcome emotional atyachar at Kandivali. The same night I listed down the people I had to thank. I am feeling some change. I attended todays festival at Radha Gopinath Temple and the session by Radhanath Swami Maharaj. For the first time I chanted 12 rounds. I have been part of Krishna Conciousness from last year. But lacked association made me fall for material world. But the new journey has begin now Prabhuji. I dont want to go away this time. Hare Krishna. Shiv prabhu has helped me for whatever taste I could have till now in ISKCON. This website indeed helps me too gain some positive vibrations. Hare krishna prabhuji.

  2. vraja bihari dasa says:

    thank you for your kind words…i can see you have a nice heart and krishna is reciprocating with your sincerity….hare krishna

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