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When God is afraid – Part 4

At this point Krishna became angry- God is mad because His mother stopped feeding Him! We hear God is pleased even with a little offering but here Yashoda is feeding excellent milk, daily, yet Krishna seems not satiated- he wants more.

Trigunatita- beyond the three modes

Seeing His mother leave Him, Krishna bit His red lips with His white teeth- in transcendental anger. In a previous incarnation when Krishna appeared as Lord Ram, He was unaffected when He heard the news He’d be coronated as the king the next morning. However, in a few hours, by the evil designs of His stepmother, He was banished to the forest for fourteen years. He was unfazed. He happily accepted the news of banishment with poise and composure- He showed God’s quality of ‘Trigunatita’- beyond the influence of three modes of goodness, passion, and ignorance.

As Krishna however, the Lord is angry- a symptom of passion. Paradoxically, unlike Ram’s kingdom, this is merely milk that the Lord was deprived of. And anyways Yashoda fed Krishna daily. Yet, wanting more of her love, Krishna not only got angry, but He also broke the pots that were filled with butter. This way He sought to extract the fierce love of His mother.

As mother Yashoda rushed to protect the boiling milk, Krishna began to steal the butter from various pots.

Lakshmi Pati- the husband of the goddess of fortune

A beggar may steal, but not a billionaire. Even if he does, he’d take big things, not pick someone’s pocket or steal a few rupees. Krishna is served by thousands of Lakshmis- the goddess of fortune, yet He steals little butter and sweets. Krishna, therefore, enjoys more when He is addressed by the name ‘Makhan Chor’- a butter thief, than as ‘Lakshmi Pati.’

Krishna began feeding the stolen butter to the monkeys who playfully gathered around Krishna. As Lord Rama, He had engaged many monkey soldiers during the war against Ravana. He had promised them then, “In my next incarnation, we’ll have a gala time, and I’ll feed you succulent butter.” As Krishna, He now reciprocated with their services.

To be continued…

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