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Who am I? – A Servant or Master- Part 2

You may not remember anything you did as a five-year-old and all the chemical makeup within you has changed since then, yet you are still the same person. The body ages and deteriorates but there is an eternity within you that lives beyond all of the ravages caused by Time.

Car-Driver and Body-Soul

Our body is like a car and the soul or ‘I’ is akin to the driver. Just as a car has its headlights, horn and tires, we too have eyes, mouth, hands and legs. But the car moves because the driver – who’s inherently different from the car-manoeuvres it. The driver can be so attached to the car that he deeply identifies himself with it, yet he can live independent of it. Likewise, the soul or the driver of this body can live beyond the bodily and mental situations.

Most of us take care of the car diligently, yet neglect the needs of the driver – the soul. We may assume we are doing the needful when we eat, sleep, have sex or defend our bodies but it’s like putting petrol in your car and expecting it to help feed the driver as well. Both the driver and the car have different needs. Similarly what you do for your body and mind is different from what you do for yourself. You may work or dress nicely but that won’t do anything to the soul. Likewise, you may chant the Holy Names of God and feed the soul but you need to take a bath and eat too.

Once we recognize we have an existence separate from our bodies, our spiritual journey has begun.

How do we live on the level of the ‘Soul’?

The Vedic scriptures ask us to be more conscious and aware of this eternal state of our existence. While the Orientalists call this ‘Chi’ or ‘Atma,’ the modern philosophers call it the ‘Soul’ and psychologists refer to it as the ‘observing self.’

There are two simple practices that you could make a part of your daily life to live in union with the divine.

To be continued…

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