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Who am I? – A Servant or Master- Part 3

Practice 1 – Living beyond Thinking

The primary cause of our worry is the active mind – also known as the thinking self. It appears we never stop thinking. For many of us even when we are asleep, the brain is active; we analyze, worry, judge, accept and reject endlessly. Nonetheless, there are occasions when we don’t think – maybe for just a few seconds – when we only observe and are present or aware. That’s when we have gently connected to the soul. For example, as you relax on the beach, you can see the waves gently caress the shores – maybe there’s no thinking then. But soon your mind – the thinking self – takes you back in time to when you had a similar experience or asks you if you’ll be able to come here tomorrow. Or you may lament that you didn’t bring your camera. That’s when you lose your brief connection with the present.

While playing cricket, you are ‘present’- you don’t think but hit the ball hard. While facing the bowler, if you were to only worry about how you’ll whack the ball, you’re likely to underperform. Somewhere you need to release from the mind’s clutches and be present. And this state of being present gives us a glimpse of our eternity. 

For millennia, evolved men and women who have tapped this eternal state have purified their aspirations and it’s from this state of being that they act in life. They are genuinely human ‘beings’ and their ‘doing’ is a consequence of their ‘being.’  We don’t seem to realize that we need nothing to simply ‘be.’ If we are present while playing, singing, eating and working, we have begun to access our ‘being.’

Practice 2 – Service state

Salt is salty, chilies are hot and water is naturally liquid. Similarly the soul – the real ‘I’- is a servant by nature. We are always serving – our masters, pet, family, or nation. In all our relationships, we are driven by the identity to either serve or enjoy.

To be continued…

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