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Who am I? – A Servant or Master – Part 4

70724365 – the fish is jumping

If the desire to service goads us on, we live beyond the painful dualities of the mind – hankering and lamentation, happiness and distress, or desire and hate. Thus uninhibited by such thoughts, we live our lives in the realm of our true identity.

Your finger is part of the body; if you were to separate it from your hand and put it on the table, it would no longer have any use. Similarly the ‘I’ is part of the perfect whole, called as God in many traditions. When you separate the soul from this sacred connection, its existence is like that finger on the table.

The process of reviving our divine consciousness is like rediscovering the initial sweetness of sugar or turning ice back into its natural state of water. It’s the same as the act of putting a fish back in the water. Right now the fish is on the land and you could give it the latest iPod or trendy designer outfits, yet the fish will be content only when it’s back in the pond. Similarly despite all the varieties of pleasure that we have access to, a deep melancholy grips us. That’s because we are not in our natural water state.

We all serve; a politician serves the nation, a leader of a corporation serves his employees and clients and a parent serves the family. We also keep pets and provide for them faithfully. Service is inseparable from our soul state like water is the most natural state for a fish to thrive.

The more we live in a service state, the deeper we enter the sacred soul space. It’s in acts of selfless service that we raise our souls beyond our material ambitions; we enter the transcendent state of pure aspirations.

The Servant – anchor of Peace

We assume many identities in life. If I think I am a ‘singer,’ then I may rejoice when I sing well and receive accolades. But what if I lose my voice, what do I do then?

To be continued…

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