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Why to Increase Hankering For Krishna

Following is an excerpt from the lecture on Srimad Bhagavatam Canto 4 Chapter 30 – The Activities of the Pracetās – Text No 12 by Vraj Bihari Das

SB 4.29.78

yad yūyaṁ pitur ādeśam
agrahīṣṭa mudānvitāḥ
atho va uśatī kīrtir
lokān anu bhaviṣyati

Translation by His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada:
Because you have with pleasure accepted within your hearts the orders of your father and have executed those orders very faithfully, your attractive qualities will be celebrated all over the world.


Since every living entity is part and parcel of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, he has small independence. Sometimes unintelligent men ask why one is put into a miserable condition even though everyone is under the control of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Because of his minute independence, the living entity can obey or disobey the orders of the Supreme Lord. If he obeys the Supreme Lord’s orders, he becomes happy. If he does not, he becomes unhappy. Therefore the living entity creates his own happiness or unhappiness. The Supreme Lord does not enforce these on anyone. The Supreme Lord praised the Pracetās because they all faithfully obeyed the orders of their father. The Lord therefore blessed the sons of King Prācīnabarhiṣat because they obeyed their father’s orders.

It says that Pracetās will marry the daughter of Sage Kandu and their son will be named as Viśruta who with his great qualities will glorify his parents. From this we can understand that if there is a good son in one’s family, the whole family will be made proud universally like Krishna had made Yadavas popular worldwide. Also Yadavas hanker only for Krishna and they felt that separation from Krishna is like having good eyes without sunlight. Prabhupada elaborates that without soul, body has no value. Similarly without Krishna soul has no value.

Lord Vishnu said to Pracetās that when you don’t have devotional service to Krishna, there will be one principle in this material world “envy”. Prabhupada explains that when we want to enjoy separately from Krishna, we will always be competing with each other and causing hindrances. This is evident from the episode of Shringi cursing King Parikshit. As Shringi did not understand that we all are servants of Krishna and think that Brahmins are Masters and other people are only to serve them, he is consumed by false pride and did a huge mistake.

Maharaja Parikshit went for hunting and after a long and tiring day, he had severe thirst. When he was looking for water, he saw the hermitage of Shamika Rishi and entered it in search of water. Shamika Rishi was in transcendental position and didn’t even recognize the king. So the king had become angry and put a lifeless snake on Shamika Rishi and left. Shringi, son of Shamika rishi, heard of this and got angry and shouted that “How can a dog (King Parikshit) enter the house of master (Brahmins) and do this? As Krishna had left to spiritual world, these upstarts had started. Now I will correct these. He (king) will be biten by serpent and will die within 7 days”. Later Shringi understood his mistake. When Shamika Rishi heard what happened, he scolded his son for his mistake and prayed to Krishna to pardon his son.

This incident is fully orchestrated by Krishna. Because King Parikshit knew what is to be in transcendental position and will not disturb one who is on that position. And the King had been repenting his action for many days. The king had heard Srimad bhagavatam continuously for seven days and seven nights without food and water. So he would not affected by thirst. Under his rule, all Brahmins are well protected and valued. So he will not insult a great Sage like Shamika rishi. So this act of king was purely done by Krishna. And Shringi was selected for the act because mistake of an immature young Brahmin boy can be pardoned easily.

The reason for the act is to show that when you did not have love for Krishna, bad things like envy, hatred, false ego and lust will be triggered in your heart. Shringi who was trained and educated to serve Krishna and others was overwhelmed by false pride and showed how the people will behave if they consider themselves as Masters.

Prabhupada says that problems will increase if anyone desire to serve himself rather than Krishna. There is no cause for envy to a devotee because everyone can attain Krishna consciousness. And everyone should share everything they got in Krishna consciousness with others. Otherwise it will cause envy. And we must take shelter of other devotees and will never do anything independently.

This is very beautifully explained in this Audio, please download and listen to it.


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