Acceptance – the key to emotional freedom – Part 2

Acceptance – the key to emotional freedom – Part 2

You may wonder if he wasn’t aware all these years of the problem harassing him. He surely knew, but before the practice of three A’s, the difficulty was out there. Now, he’s ‘aware’ it’s ‘his’ challenge – inability to cope with his wife’s habit to interrupt conversations. Earlier, he thought she had poor social skills, and now ‘I have a difficulty to accept her nature’ – the problem has shifted from ‘hers’ to ‘mine.’ This is Awareness.

Acceptance means: ‘It’s okay for me to have this problem. I accept myself just the way I am. I find it difficult to have meaningful conversations with my wife, but that’s fine. I am who I am, and she is who she is.”

Aspiration is: ‘What do I want in life? Why do I keep this relationship going?’  The answer to this question would help see the present problem in a broader context. If you knew you’d get a handsome margin in a business deal, would you make an issue of your client’s habit of digging his nose or if he’d break wind loudly?

More painful situations

Let’s say it’s not mere eccentricity of a stranger but a painful divorce that you went through.

Again three A’s would help.

Awareness: I am in pain and unable to cope with my wife/husband’s lack of commitment to this relationship.

Acceptance: I accept the pain that my spouse’s infidelity has caused me. I don’t deny or avoid it.

Aspiration: I seek to love and serve in a relationship founded on integrity and dedication.

As you connect to these three steps, you move from guilt and take responsibility for your situation. From blame game, you’d now empower yourself in a new position or a new relationship.

The three A’s unlock the iron shackles of your mind. You release your soul to freedom!

The power of Acceptance

Most people confess the biggest challenge in the practice of Three A’s is Acceptance.

How do you accept life’s bizarre twists and turns?

Acceptance means three steps: first, you perceive what’s happening right now, and then you acknowledge without resisting it or judging the situation as good or bad. Once you have entirely accepted the condition, you practice the third step- work on a solution.

To be continued….

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