Are age old scriptures practical today? – Part 4

Are age old scriptures practical today? –  Part 4

Winning the war of life

Scriptures – that speak of events which happened millennia ago are as relevant today as when they were first penned down five thousand years ago. The secret, however, is to read or hear unhurriedly and attentively. Then if something resonates, pause, and recognize it. Allow the value or principle in a particular scriptural text to enter deeper into your heart. Gradually but assuredly, you’ll connect the passage to your situation.

In every military academy, legendary battles are studied and taught extensively. Each warrior knows all combat is unique and when he faces an enemy, he can’t browse through his notes to pick up a method. Humbly studying the past wars helps a military general sharpen his judgment and develop perception. He then decides an action based on the state of affairs, where he trusts his guts and accumulated discernment over the years- the combination of experience, knowledge and careful assessment helps one decide at the spur of the moment.

We too struggle in the battlefield of our inner world where one phone call from a friend could throw us into despair. A culture of scriptural study improves awareness and our ability to see situations and people beyond the seeming. We learn to look at a higher dimension of reality and redefine what’s sacred and inconsequential in our lives. Based on this inner growth, you decide your priorities and actions plans.

You can’t merely pick up a verse from the Gita and copy-paste into your situation; you need to invest your intelligence and drive. That’s how we win some battles, and lose a few, to eventually win the war of life. You may study the match-winning game of Wimbledon champions but to recreate them during your play is another ball game altogether! Your study, practice, and instinct help you beat your opponent. To expect easy victories in the face of daily challenges is akin to wishing money grew like flowers in your garden.

Still, let’s assume that nothing of the spiritual books makes sense. Don’t worry; we have plenty of genuine teachers/gurus who’ve dedicated their lives to study and live by these works. And they are flooding the internet to reach out to the masses, in a language that you can understand.

Treat yourself to the knowledge that’s abundantly available. Let that entertain us and enlighten us as well- let’s enter the world of enterlightenment!

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