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Are educated Indians the enemy of India?

educatedIndians love to criticize India and her glorious culture. Arundhati Roy, the famous Indian writer and winner of Booker prize supports independence of Kashmir from India. Mainstream Indian journalists Vir Sanghvi (executive editor of the Hindustan Times), Jug Suraiya (editor of the The Times of India), and Swaminathan Aiyar (also at The Times of India), have argued similarly. Y.L.Prasad, a Telugu author, describes Draupadi, the legendary character from Mahabharata, fantasizing sex. While Hindus express pain at the insensitivity of the author, the government confers upon him a Sahitya Academy award. Besides the lavishing praises showered upon him for his novel, ‘Draupadi’, by the Indian intelligentsia, the government also announces the funding of the translation of the work in over two dozen Indian languages. While the honest tax payer’s money is used for denigrating Vedic culture, a modern, educated Indian thinks its ‘cool’ to express our artistic passions. It doesn’t register to the moderns that freedom to write is not synonymous with freedom to abuse.

This reflects a peculiar trend amongst the educated Indians- to criticize themselves, and their own glorious Indian history, and culture. Thanks to the modern education, we grow up hearing how Vedic culture is backward and beset with superstitious and irrational beliefs. A modern Hindu wouldn’t like to be seen visiting a temple, but to demonstrate the universality of religion, visits churches and mosques. The Indians ignore the plight of half a million Hindus wiped out of Jammu Kashmir, and the abuse and shame Hindus go through in Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Malaysia, in the hands of Muslim fanatics. And in India, the pious and traditional Hindus are humiliated by the English Media. The secular and educated Indians however, devotedly stand for Palestinian rights and express humanitarian and global concerns. This raises serious doubt about the integrity of the Indians themselves. Are they really for National brotherhood and equality? Or worse, is this a sign of mental derangement where we, collectively as a Nation, derive some kind of satisfaction by self condemnation- a sign of deep rooted inferiority complex, and a desire to ape the Western world.

Maulana Wahiduddin Khan is respected all over India as a secular Islamic leader and reasonable Muslim scholar. However during the Kargill war, he refused to pray for the Indian soldiers fighting the vicious Pakistani forces. His reasoning- “I can’t pray for those fighting against Muslims.” Many secular politicians and self proclaimed National leaders attend his seminars to show camaraderie with our Muslim brothers. The media is quick to express anguish at the criticism of this ‘secular’ scholar. Indians lack conscience, and appeasing those who practice exclusivist philosophies is the order of the day.

History has borne witness to massive, unabated attacks on India for over a thousand years, and more recently, from our aggressive neighbors- Pakistan and China. While the National Leftist parties claim India was the aggressor to China, the country’s hero Shah Rukh Khan asserts Pakistan is a great neighbor to have. As thousands queue up to watch Khan’s histrionics, we expose India has no backbone. This is a country of men and women with no moral and National scruples. After seven hundred years of Mughal exploitation and two hundred years of British abuse, a timid, sissy Nation is now a sitting duck at the hands of its own politicians, Media and the westernized intelligentsia.


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