Attention to details– Part 3

Attention to details– Part 3

In your study or job, it’s tempting to cut corners, especially if you can make a quick buck. But if you break universal laws-principles, you wouldn’t reap the real benefits- there’s no inner fulfillment from the act. You’d lick the bottle of honey only from outside! The veil of glamour could blind you to the wealth that lies hidden inside; the substance would lay buried in the shadow. No act is petty, and to live a worthy and honorable life, one needs to pay attention to his inner and outer life.

In a bizarre irony, we learn today on the need to be careful and attentive in our jobs, from scammers. It requires sharp intelligence and careful planning to exploit the loopholes in our systems, as did Willie Sutton, a famous bank robber with three intrepid escapes from prisons. His four-decade career as a talented robber attracted media coverage. When he was finally released from jail after twenty years, he became a consultant for banks on theft deterrence technique! He also appeared in television commercials for bank credit cards. In one interview, he shared a universal principle for success: attention to detail and total concentration. A scathing reflection on the lacunae of modern times- complacency, whether in relationships or systems, can harm us terribly. Even in our inner world, thieves enter stealthily – our home and work; our minds corrupt when we fail to stay attentive to our purpose and vision.

Absorption v/s Multitasking – the key to success

You may munch a sandwich, while you also drive to work and simultaneously talk to a friend on the phone, and also maneuver the traffic, even as speakers on your car blast your favorite album. It’s not smart work. You may efficiently tick off many things to do, but effectively, you’d gain little.

Success, as Daniel Day-Lewis proved, calls for total absorption. He is the only male artist to have won three Oscars in the lead actor category. Widely considered as the greatest actor ever, he is unaffected by media hype.

To be continued…

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